One of the most beautiful LVs!

  1. Hey everyone!

    I got a call from the consignment store that I go to very often about a bag that they got in. Well, I went in and couldn't believe my eyes!!!! It was SO gorgeous! Of course, there were only 10 of those made for US, so it is a super-rare bag!

    I'm going to do my best to describe is the same size as the mono pochette. The main material is mono canvas with lilac suede bunched-up on the sides. There are two golden clasps with LOUIS VUITTON engraved on each one, which are held together by dark purple ostrich leather detail in the middle of the front of the bag (does that make sense?). Instead of a leather strap (as with the pochette), there is a chain made of LV locks connected together. It is SO cute! The price tag is not so cute...$5,000! But they claim that the retail was and is $6,000. it is in excellent condition...I don't think it was used AT ALL. That consignment store sells both real and imitation handbags but they stand behind the authenticity of all real bags.

    If you're interested in this bag, I can give you their phone # and maybe they can send you pics or negotiate the price a little??? Anyway, PM me if you're interested.
  2. i wanna see it ;D
  3. it sounds like the one victoria beckam has you can see it in the celebrity threat
  4. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  5. i really like this bag
  6. Victoria's bag is different.
    Here is Victoria's bag:
    And this is what she is talking about:
  7. Oh, i like it. It's very pretty.
  8. Wow that is really pretty.:heart:
  9. Yes!!!!! That's the one!!! You guys are amazing! LOL

    I just love that bag! But for $5,000? I'd rather go with Hermes!
  10. YOU BET!!!
  11. Suede gets dirty soo easily. sweet of you to offer though!!
  12. you're right.. i was to lazy to look it up. Its i little pricey a would rather spend the money on a classic bag
  13. very pretty but i agree i'd also buy a hermes bag...
  14. I think the one on the Celebrities's thread on the Hong Kong girl is much much more beautiful than this one..