One of the MANY new leathers for SS2008 - Chevre Mangalore

  1. I was chatting with some friends (whom I don't think would want to be identified) about a new chevre leather. It was hard to remember the name, but from one of my friends, the name's probably "Chevre Mangalore". I know nothing else about this new leather.

    What have you heard about this new chevre? Better or worse than Chevre mysore or Chevre de Coromandel?

    What do the grains look like?

    Spine? No spine?

    What colours?

    AW2007 is not even in full swing but I am already excited about SS2008. Only because I live in tropical weather and AW does nothing for me. Poor me, one whole season of Hermes drought.
  2. Poor you indeed MrsS!! All that cashmere and doblis that just doesn't work in heat :cry:

    But the new colours and the Indian theme - I'm picturing fantastic things for you this coming season ;)
  3. ^^ It's mink here there and everywhere! I need to live in a freezer room to enjoy any of that! I love the boots and gloves. I came up close and personal with some of these lovely pieces and they are so beautiful but hey, what am I to do with them, Handybags!

    Yeah, with the new 2008 theme, there MUST be orange and there must be a mustard colour. ;)

    Fantastic things .... that's a fab thought that makes me happy already! Thanks!
  4. Absolutely and all those scarves in jewel-like sari colours mmmmm
  5. i'm with you's never winter here! (despite how much my SA tries to convince me!)
  6. The leather colors are going to be neutrals but the scarves are going to be bright. I've heard turquoise and curry so far.
  7. Oh, Grands Fonds says it's a softer chevre, between regular coromandel but stiffer than coromandel souple.
  8. You need to whisper in my ears .... LOL!

    I wonder if Hermes will come up with more sterling silver jewellery, or do you think it's a yellow gold year ....????
  9. Thank you, Grands Fonds. Thank you, HG!

    Is it going to replace Coromandel, you think?
  10. Wonderful indeed!;) Did I hear "Orange" will be the new theme for 2008? I am waiting for my Orange Ostrich with gold hardware. I can see myself being so happy this coming Spring/Summer:drool::drool::drool:
  11. ^^ Bagenvy. I mentioned Orange only because it's a thematic colour. And it does not necessarily mean ORANGE orange. It includes all orangy hues. I imagine "curry" to be grouped under the Orange category.

    Not sure how that translates to Orange ostrich, or exotics for that matter.
  12. Keep us posted on info you learn
  13. I am hoping for some pretty bangle bracelets in gold or sterling that you can mix and match and jingle!!!

    Maybe some pretty dangling earrings, too!

    I am thinking it may be a yellow gold situation....either way, i am excited to see!
  14. I love the sound of this new richly hued Indian theme! :heart:
  15. ^^^ Me too! I once had dinner at this lovely couples home and they had used orange Saris trimmed with red/gold as curtains, and to this day I love the warmth of the colors. I can't wait!