one of the craftsman base at Paris come to my home country (asia)

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  1. Today when i walked into Hermes store, I met Nicola (i dont know how to spell his name). He is one of the craftsman base at Faubourg Saint-Honore Paris. He will be in Jakarta, Indonesia (Hystt store) from today till tomorrow 2pm - 5pm to show how to make a kelly bag from A - Z. if you want you also can learn how to stitch :woohoo: He really answer all my questions regarding Hermes bag :loveeyes:

    This is my second time to met the craftsman face to face. Before, I met Dominique at Faubourg Saint-Honore Paris. both very friendly
  2. I don't know if the Dominique you mention above is the same one, but there is a Dominique who is currently the resident Hermes craftsman at the San Francisco Hermes store and he does absolutely fantastic work. That's who I send my H repairs to. I know he came from Paris and I think he worked at the FSH so he may be the same one!
  3. So lucky n special experience
  4. Oh heartl you were there too.. I was there on the 17th of Sept with our lovely TPFer MrsRance. It was the craftsman first day in jakarta, the poor craftsman looked so jetlag and tired but still friendly enough and willing to take picture together with me..

    He was making a Bougenvillier Kelly, and i was told by the H staff there that he's specializing in making Special Order bag only..
    H bag is trully a work of art..

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  5. You look so pretty KeeKeee!
    And he look... tired. Poor thing.
  6. Wow keekeee
    U so lucky n look Gd
    Yeah he look so sad n tired
    Mayb he miss home
  7. How cool, I would love to see them make a Kelly from start to finish. The craftsman are truly talented people. This is really a art that isn't done anymore except of course by Hermes.
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    Hermezzy, He might be the same Dominique :hbeat:

    lucky me I can learned so many thing from him :heart:
  9. awwwww, so pretty....looking good in the picture......yes, he told me that he make SO bag only.

    cr1stalangel & bagidiotic, I agree :P
  10. no doubt on the quality of Hermes. :okay: