One of my pet peeves...

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    Does anyone else get really annoyed reading emails, text messages, and online discussions where the sender uses "internet slang?" :yucky:

    I am getting so sick of seeing things like: ur, u, ure, etc. It would take me longer to figure out a "cute" way to say you than just to type it. It's 3 letters! Come on! How much time does it save to type 1 letter instead of 3?

    I'm all for cute little abbreviations - KWIM, IMO, etc., but I just don't understand shortening you, your, you're, etc.

    Sorry for the vent. I'm pretty anal about grammar and spelling - guess that's where it comes from. I have gotten to the point where I won't even respond to texts I get that aren't written in plain English.
  2. Yes. It drives me crazy and always has. It really bugs me when I read things like "l8r" or the replacement of letters with numbers that sound somewhat similar.
  3. I agree. I have trouble figuring out what those texts actually say. Especially when they replace letters for numbers!
  4. Well, I use those abbreviations in text messages because I try to keep the total character count to less than 128 (many phone users pay more to receive longer text messages).

    But it does bug me to see that kind of jargon when there is no need to abbreviate.

    Bliss 2 all (hee!)
  5. You should be like me... I don't even know how to send a text message. :smile:
  6. ^^^ Too funny, dallas! Sometimes I wish I didn't know how!

    Glad I'm not the only one.
  7. My real pet peeve is when people misspell something in a cute way where they're actually adding letters (luckee instead of lucky). Or when they misuse a common phrase and say things like: "The early worm gets the egg." I'm also not a fan of posts where the whole thing is WRitTeN lIkE ThIS, or Written Like This.

    Or when they hit enter at the end of each sentence.
    Like this.

  8. Or the double exclamation points:

    I got a new bag!! It's so cute!! I'm so excited!!
  9. :lol: I wish I didn't. Stupid texting is now 20 cents per message!

    I'm not one for "u" "ure" etc., abbreviations, either. Maybe it's the communications professional (or at least I try to be professional) in me who likes to write the words out.
  10. I abbreviate when I can when texting as I have an iphone and my nails are just a nightmare on the screen, usually the phone will correct words spelled wrong..but no...I dont mind the slang in texts, its a time saver thing.
  11. I completely agree. I don't even read posts on here and on other message boards by posters that I know use that kind of slang.
  12. Ur So Funneee!!!!! (tried to combine multiple offenses in that one - I do agree with you!)
  13. I totally agree. I'm the type of person who types everything out, I don't care how many texts it'll take. "Ur" bugs me so just looks so stupid!
  14. ^^^ Me too! If I have more than 128 characters or whatever to send in text, I'll send more than one or just CALL!
  15. LOL...I find interesting what bothers some may not bother others!!! I will say that I will get texts from my younger family members that are in college and they really use slang!! I have to read it twice to understand!! If its someone my age, I get it. I do not like reading forum posts in slang.