One of my patients sells fakes! I have to vent!

  1. I am doing my job today, physical therapy, and a patient of mine comes in decked out in diamonds and real Chanel earrings. I mentioned I liked her earrings and somehow we got on a discussion of handbags. I mentioned I sell some of my bags occasionally and sometimes I am resaling for friends in our area.
    Then she flat out tells me she, "Oh, I sale knock-offs, I just returned from New York". We live in the Philly area.
    I said "Well aren't you afraid you are going to get arrested?" She said, "No, I only sell them to friends!"

    Alright, I can't tell you how much I feel like turning her in, but she is a patient and if I'd like to keep my job with the doctor I work for, I can't risk it. I guess what goes around comes around. It sounds like she is doing purse parties, but what gets me is that I work in one of the most well-to-do areas of Philly now and someone is making money like this.
  2. :wtf: i hope her friends know its fake!!

    there should be some way you could or we, turn her in annoymously!
  3. That sucks.

    I found out that the salon where I get my hair cut was selling fakes and I wrote a letter to the owner (I wrote about it in the purse section). I hadn't been back since I wrote the letter ... until last weekend. And my hair lady was cracking up - the owner was ticked and wondering who the heck I am to tell her not to sell fakes - until my hair lady told her my hubby was a cop. ROFL !!! There's no more fake purses there now. It felt great.

    Maybe you could send her an anonymous letter - if she's selling to friends other people obviously know what she's doing.
  4. Ewwww.... I just don't get it!
  5. What's frustrating is I am trying to just get my consignment business off the ground and then I get this. Unfortunately, my husband isn't a cop and I don't think she is coming back very often. The only way I can access her personal information is her patient chart and that may violating a HIPPA patient privacy law.
  6. I do too!
  7. Aw! Sorry she put you in that position--why would you spend money on a cruddy fake if you could get a real one for the price of two knock-offs!?
  8. The gym I used to work out in in Florida had a girl that came in one day and had a box full of fake Prada, Dior, etc. trying to get us to buy them. I never would have guessed she was the type to be selling fake bags. What is sad is that a lot of people were interested and the girl selling them was like, "Who cares if they're fake. Just about everyone's bag is fake anyway." I even told my trainer I don't like fake bags and she didn't understand why.
  9. Well, I guess I can console myself with the fact that I am not going to get arrested for helping sell real designer bags and I am not stealing from anyone, namely stealing their designs.
  10. Oh well.. You we can’t do anything about it.. Unless there’s a number to call and tell someone that this girl is selling fake purses!
  11. That's horrible! Those Chanel earrings were probably bought with the money from the fake bags!
  12. Living in Philly and suburbs all my life, I can tell you that about 90% of all bags you see in the area are fake. The absolute rich (old money-rich, not new money or well off or husband makes decent money people) all buy fake bags (I know, I was given one as a gift and found out later it was fake). Most of them would not be caught dead spending anything for anything. They like to call it "eclectic or eccentric" but I've worked for quite a few who are more than proud that they carry fakes but then again, these are also people who call people who live in anything less than million dollar homes the "development people". Main-liners (the real ones-3 and 4 generations ones, not the ones that live in the newer homes there) are cheap and don't give a damn what anyone thinks. They buy fakes because they use them once and throw them away, they would not be caught dead in the same outfit with the same handbag twice. There are many private shoppers here (cause none of them would ever be caught dead in a mall or low end store) that buy cheap clothes that can be passed off as good clothes and cheap and fake handbags that can all be used once, possibly twice and tossed. A lot of the uber rich in the area that I have worked for would also not dare wear or use anything with a name on it (most still have their clothing made by private seamstress). They would not be caught dead promoting something that "regular people" could afford to buy and copy them.
  13. ^^^
    That's some interesting insight. I don't really know about the DC area, other than I know someone who carries a fake Birkin and who has more than enough cash to buy a real one.
  14. that sucks! i hate how all these people also advertise purse parties or whatever on craiglist...what i hate more are actual stores in the mall selling fakes! and its suuuuuppppper fake bags where the LV becomes "L - upside down triangle"...=( hope her friends know the bags are knock offs.
  15. i need benedryl..i have an allergic reaction to fakes