one of my paddy has to go!! pls vote for me!

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Which one I should let go?

  1. Original Tan Paddy

  2. 06 Blanc Paddy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I decided to let go one of my paddy.. either tan or new blanc.. I love them both! but I just cant afford to keep them..

    Which one I should let go??
  2. I'd keep the new white :biggrin:
  3. Can you post pics so we can see what we are voting on? Please.:biggrin:
  4. I would actually keep the tan.
  5. I vote for the tan only cause I might be interested:amuse:
  6. Do you have pics?
  7. I will post pic tonight. hehe have to go to work now ( this is my lunch break ):P
  8. i'd keep the tan. you can wear it all year round.
  9. i think you should keep the tan paddington.... i think its a good colour to have in a bag collection :smile: good luck with what you decide!
  10. Ditto! :biggrin:
  11. I'd let go of the tan. You can always get another tan bag.
  12. keep the tan. get an ivory spy or silverado.
  13. Sell the tan. Agree with Kat. So many bags offer the tan colour and do a good job of it. The ivory Paddy is gorgeous and so now! Perhaps in a yr's time or two you may want to get rid of the ivory but for now it must be a keeper!!!
  14. I just don't know. Tan is a neutral color that you can carry year round, while white is more spring/summer. Although some are now thinking the winter white/cream color can be worn all seasons. But if you have had the tan for a while, maybe you are looking for something new. And isn't the leather different on the old vs. new Paddies? Then again, you can get a lot of bags in it really depends on how you use the bag and whether you need the all-season neutrality. Probably not helpful...sorry.
  15. That's a tough choice but if I really had to, I would keep the tan - more classic and forever.