One of my IDs is suspended!

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  1. I have 2 Ids on ebay, one for selling and one for buying (the buying account is very new, I just made it a few weeks ago). Today I logged into my buying account and it said it was suspended for "unwelcome buyer" and "interfering with auction"

    What does this mean? I have never knowingly violated any rules, or engaged in any kind of malicious bidding.

    Will this affect my buying ID? I do earn my living off Ebay and can't believe this has happened, I feel like I'm being hung without a jury.

    Is there any way I can appeal this?
  2. You can call ebay or log onto live chat on and try to find out why. Maybe someone has tried to get into your account. Good luck
  3. You could have multiple eBay accounts, as long as you don't shill bidding with each other. I don't know how much help online chat could do, but it sure is a good start.
  4. Call or write to ebay and ask for them to look into your account. And also they can & will suspend the other account if they find out you are using it while the other is suspended! You are not allowed to use ebay in any way until your account is fixed (I learned the hard way!). Buyer interferenece sounds like you may have emailed another buyer??? I am not sure on this, but I would definately write and appeal ebay decision! You must contact them to get your account unsuspended. Good luck!!
  5. Thanks for all the advice ladies! I have some auctions for sale in my other unsuspended ID, but now I am afraid to log in for fear of getting it suspended. This is absolutely ridiculous!!

    I have emailed them for an "appeal" it has been almost 24 hours and have not heard from them yet.
  6. Well I just checked my email, and someone that I purchased an item from awhile ago emailed me and said the reason I Was suspended was because they had added me to their "Blocked bidder list."

    I was not aware that I was blocked by her (long story, but I had purchased a handbag from her that had an undisclosed stain), and bid on a second item she had up with my other ID.

    Honestly, I was not trying to go around the blocked bidder list (I had no idea I Was blocked by her in the first place). I just created a new buying ID because some people on the forums have suggested doing that to protect yourself.

    Is there any way I can get reinstated? How can people just put you on their blocked list and not even let you know? I thought me and the seller resolved this issue, I didn't even return the item or get a refund, I simply sent her an email letting her know that her bag had a stain in it, but I would still keep it.
  7. I assume that this seller thinks you are bidding on one of her items to get back at her. (Buy another item just to leave neg feedback) . In response to your first transaction.

    She blocked you and possibly reported you to ebay under "interfering w/ an auction".

    I suggest you try to work it out w/ this seller.

    I also assume that the second id for buying has nothing to do w/ your suspension, that's just a coincidence.

    Hope this helps!

  8. You are correct ^^^, she thinks I am a bad buyer even though she was the one that sold me a damaged bag. I didn't even leave neg or cause trouble for her, so I do not know why she blocked me (and without telling me). I have made many purchases from her in the past, if I had known things between us soured and she disliked me enough to put me on blocked I certainly would not have bid.