One of my favorite things about being addicted to RM is...

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  1. not having anyone ask me how much it costs!!

    With most of my logo bags I get snooty comments "How could you spend so much" etc. I get compliments on my RM but no one really knows what it is they don't realize how expensive it is. It's kind of nice to not be bombarded by bag haters, but still have an amazing bag.

  2. Awww Fendi.... :hugs: Don't let the haters bother you... They're just jealous! I totally agree with you. I love how RM's bags are so unassuming and classy. They're perfect for me, I think. :yes:
  3. i love when people ask me where i get it and they have no idea what im talking about :smile: but i just knowingly nod.
  4. yes i know exactly wat you mean!~

    i had a friend who recently sent me a photo of jessica simpson with her grey matinee (shes from hong kong so have no idea who RM is) and asked me whether i know the bag~ well... of course i did!!~ i was so excited and i told her it was RM straight away~ she was like "who?~ it must be expensive"~ and then i was like "nope~ cheaper than your LVs!!!!"

    i thought that was really cute :sweatdrop: