One of my favorite movies is on tonight.

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  1. One of my favorite movies is on tonight at 8:30 EST on the Oxygen channel. It's called "My Life Without Me." It's a weepie, but ultimately very uplifting. One of few movies I have watched several times and actually bought the DVD.

    Won't spoil it for you by teeling you anything in advance. If you watch it, tell what you thought.

    But, just as an afterthought must warn that several times the Guide has said something would be on Oxygen at a certain time and then it wasn't, so please don't be angry or surprised if it isn't broadcast as advertised.
  2. I might just add this to my Netflix queue. Thanks - I love great uplifting movies!!!
  3. Never heard of it but I'm a sucker for those kinds of movies!! Maybe I can catch it too
  4. Thanks for sharing, I will try and watch it. I love the Oxygen Channel, they have a great selection of movies.
  5. I'm watching it right now!
  6. I watched a few minutes of it but it was near the end (i think) i never even heard of the oxygen channel before this lol!
  7. i rented that at hollywood video once. cried through the whole thing. so good!! that's what i'll do if that ever happens to me, minus the not telling part. :smile:
  8. I saw it a few months ago. Loved it. It had me humming "Senza Fine" over and over again. Of course I cried through the whole movie.
  9. I saw this movie a few years ago....very sad.
  10. But I just loved that this woman was able to get it together and accomplish just about everything she set out to do. When the movie started, she was just slogging along, dealing with what had been dealt out to her. Then, she took control and became the hero of her own life. Had she lived to be 90 she might never have experienced the self empowerment that she attained in just few weeks . . .

    It was sad, but inspirational.