One of my faves: Khaki Twiggy

  1. It's nice! Is it greenish? It looks greenish on my screen...
  2. Wow!!!!
  3. ^^^
    I was wondering the same thing. Anyone out there own Khaki? It looks a bit yellowish on my computer??
  4. I have a khaki. It is a green hue. I love it! Here are photos of my khaki, and of my khaki and anis (with a special guest star).
  5. Rondafaye

    How gorgeous!

    The bags are kinda pretty too;)

    Thank you for posting your pics. The Khaki is beautiful. Much more green than I thought. Anis is amazing too!

    Thanks again:smile:
  6. These two colors are my favorites. I love the greens. I have a sapin too. The anis is a yellow-green and the khaki is, well, just so rich and lovely.
  7. They're beautiful!!! Your cat's eyes match your bags!!!
  8. there's no yellow in the khaki. i have it in the city. it's gorgeous. it's similar to olive, but darker and deeper.

    rhonda, how funny. i have an anis city and khaki city, while you have an anis twig and khaki twig. maybe we should trade. just kidding, mods.;)
  9. Someone should jump on this bag. I promise that you won't be disappointed in the khaki and the price is quite good for such great leather and color.
  10. It's beautiful but I think it's a tad high compared to what other Twiggy's are going for right now 750-799 and they're in really good condition but that's just MHO. :smile:
  12. I love Khaki. That is a GREAT price, not high at all. I think it's very fair for a beautiful color with 04 leather in great condition. BUT, it is missing the mirror though which could be important to a buyer.
  13. Yeah, that is a great price for an 04!

    Rhonda, your bags and kitty are TDF!
  14. Rondafaye, I love all of your bags, and I love them even more after seeing your beautiful cat. :yes: Your cat's eyes are gorgeous.