One of My Biggest Regret - Keep your Eyes Open??

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  1. I know that we're all pretty good about keeping our eyes open for those "HG" bags we all want. I have a bag that I used to own and sold several years ago and regret it sooooo much!! I wouldn't exactly call it a "HG" bag, but if I found one for a decent enough price, I'd grab it in a heartbeat!!! I sold it when I bought my Black Balenciaga City Bag thinking I didn't need 2 black bags w/brass hardware (I know - WHAT was I thinking??!!). Since then I discovered this forum and my collection has taken off -- I've learned if you love a bag, it doesn't matter whether its similar to another you own or not, you just KEEP IT!! (In fact, I sold 2 of my favorite MJ bags at that time, but thankfully, I've replaced the other one finding it on ebay about 6 mos later!)

    So, this is it -- the Zip Top Hobo bag (2002 Resort). I had wanted this bag FOREVER after finding an Ivory one on sale at Bloomingdales years ago & returning it because I really wanted a black one. I searched ebay for what seemed like years, finally finding one that was like brand new for a FANTASTIC price (I actually MADE MONEY when I sold it!!). If you ever come across this bag - whether it be on ebay or a resale shop or some other Message Board/Forum, PLEASE let me know!!


  2. Making mental note. :dots: Got it! :tup:
  3. ^^yea -- that's one of the original multi pockets released at the same time. It's smaller than the Zip Top Hobo and the shoulder strap isn't as comfortable -- I remember when these bags were in the stores. I fell in love with it immediately.

    p.s. I think that asking price is way too high for that particular bag (I wouldn't even pay that much for the Zip Top Hobo and I want it pretty bad!)
  4. Dang now looking at it... it's not it! Sorry. :sad:
  5. No biggie -- that's the Zoe Hobo, and coincidently, I do want one of those in red!!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention -- I"ll have to watch it. Maybe the black will do until I can find it in red.
  6. I will keep my eyes open for the zip top hobo Iluvmybags! I'm sure with all our efforts, we will find one for you soon :tup:
  7. I will be looking for you...if you get any PMs from me in the middle of the know why LOL
  8. dannng! what a loss. if you find a pic, please paste it in you siggie or something - i am much more of a visual person :P
  9. I did post a pic in my first post -- were you unable to see it for some reason? Look again -- if you can't see it, here it is as an attachment

    Attached Files:

  10. haha whoops. i guess i'm so ADD today :P thanks! So far i've seen cream ones
  11. ^^really? you've seen the Ivory listed? I haven't seen this bag in any color for quite some time -- I always see those Gym Locker Totes and Zoe bags, but never this one -- and after thinking about it, I remembered -- the one I bought from Bloomingdales (originally) wasn't Ivory, it was "Mustard" -- it was really pretty but wanting black I decided to return it -- if I had known how long it was going to take to find it in black, I think I would have kept that Mustard one. I got it during one of those "addtl 40% off" sales and it was already marked down, so I bought it for some ridiculously low price!