One of my best's gave up TPF for Lent...

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  1. Soo, one of my best friends gave up TPF for Lent. Hahaha. But she texted me wanting to know the name of a bag..
    It's one of the new one's... tattersall with the heritage stripe.
    Anyone know the name/style number?

    I definately know I wouldn't make it 40 days and 40 nights.. especially with computer access 24/7.. ESPECIALLY at when we work 12 hr shifts at night.. and we don't have any patients!!!
  2. I think you'll need to get a bit more specific information. This description covers A LOT of the new bags...
  3. If it's 'new' it should be on, right? And she only gave up she should be able to find it on Coach.

  4. If it's the new tattersall in the coated canvas, it isn't up on yet and from what I understand, not available for order yet. There are a couple different sized totes and a satchel coming out in this pattern, do you know which one she is interested in?
  5. There's 12219 and 12220 so far on drilldown, and a 12222 for a satchel (no pic yet). . .
    12219_d1.jpg 12220_d1.jpg

  6. OOOOO I saw the black and white sketch of the satchel yesterday at my Coach store and it's cute too!!! :smile:

    The SA showed me in the computer that it's saying release date of May 2008, but she said they always get released to JAX sooner. I'm on the list for her to call as soon as they are available to order the tote!!! :smile:
  7. OMgosh! Tell her I am so impressed!! :yahoo:

    I only gave up ice cream. :shame:
  8. i didn;t give up TPF...but i gave up shopping!!! that's worse...i can still see pics that people post on here...but i can't order anything! i can't evn go on the site to look!!! It's killing me!!!!!!!
  9. There's 12219 and 12220 so far on drilldown, and a 12222 for a satchel (no pic yet). . .
    Attached Thumbnails[​IMG] [​IMG]

    Yayyy!!! That's the one! Do you have any more info on these?
  10. It's funny, my whole family is Catholic and I used to go to Church every Sunday, but I haven't participated in lent in...years.