One of a kind Balenciaga croco leather first

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  1. i found it in harpers bazzar magazine singapore! its made for some charity thing for club21 and its going to be on bid in eBay during october. sorry for the horrid pictures, i used my phone's camera.

  2. heres another photo
  3. oh and heres a dress by cristobal balenciaga himself :biggrin: im just bored and i really love that dress! would die to wear it once :hearts:
  4. :drool: I love the bag and the dress. Have no clue where I would wear the dress unless I was nominated for an Oscar, but like you, I would love to just wear it once or even just try it on. :smile:
  5. What a gorgeous dress!!!
  6. love that bag!!

    when i was in l.a. over fourth of july, maxfield had a croc first just like that...
    i didn't know they made the croc style in a first before i saw that one (i had only seen it in the city and work)...

    i literally gasped when i saw it...
    my boyfriend saw me holding it and said, "don't get any ideas..." :lol:
  7. both the dress and the bag are stunning!

    no way could i ever fit into that dress, but if i could, i'd throw a party just so i'd have a place to wear it :drinkup:
  8. What a pretty dress.... it could work as a wedding dress too, if it came ivory or white. I'm not feeling the croc bag... just because its croc. But... I'm totally loving the dress! :love:
  9. OMG I am in love with that dress!!!! :girlsigh::girlsigh::girlsigh:
  10. Christobal Balenciaga was an absolute genius. That dress is such a knockout!
  11. that dress is sooooo pretty it reminds me of auroras dress in sleeping beauty even though technically it doesnt look exactly like it and of course aurora isnt real:s
  12. WOW! That is one auction I have to remember to follow!
  13. omg i love the bag!
  14. they are gorgeous-I'm in love with both!
  15. love the bag! thanks for posting this.