One Ocean View

  1. Did anyone see the show on ABC? A group share a summer house on Fire Island. It was OK.
  2. No, I originally thought you were speaking about 8th and Ocean.
  3. it's now premiering here on the west coast. i'm watching it as i type this.

    usman is a total narcissist. lol. good lord.
  4. Usman and Lauren are funny.
  5. looks stupid. just a group of hot ppl having sex with a diff person all day. seems like there is no plot
  6. I saw the commerical for it... I dont get the point. But since I'm such a reality junkie, I said to myself "hmm, I'll catch that when its on" but haven't thought of it ever since. :lol:
  7. I saw it last night. Maybe its the old married women in me, but I wasnt impressed in the least.
  8. I watched it...but I missed the first 15 minutes and was completely lost!! I don't understand why Lauren and Zack went onto the show together after they recently broke up?!?!
  9. It got very low ratings so it may not be on much longer.
  10. If Usman has so much money, why didn't he get his own house instead of renting one with 7 other people?