One Non-blond

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    A family that dyes together, stays together! While Kingston, almost 14 months, may be a little young for the peroxide bottle, that doesn't stop mom Gwen Stefani and dad Gavin Rossdale from coordinating platinum locks during a family outing in Los Angeles on Monday.
  2. I like him better with his natural hair. Cute family though.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Their little boy is so cute!
  5. I think they look ridiculous, but their child is adorable.
  6. What a gorgeous family. The little one looks alot like her mama!
  7. Gavin! You look stupid!
    Cute little boy, though....
  8. :roflmfao: I sadly agree. He looked better with his darker hair.

    Cute cute boy and Gwen is fab as usual!
  9. Gavin looks like DB in the last pic!!!:nuts: Cute baby!!!:tender:
  10. ^^^You're right Irene...he kind of does!

    Kingston is adorable!!!
  11. I dislike that fakey-fake hyper-blond look, but thank goodness they didn't subject the kid to it, too! He's adorable as is.
  12. Gavin.. eh.
    The kid is adorable. Is he sporting a combover lol?
  13. I hate the straight bleach yellow hair look.......these people have money, can't they find someone to give them nice hair color?????

    Thank God she didn't bleach the kid........they look foolish.
  14. Cutest celebrity baby ever LOL he's such a cutie, I feel like taking the first plane to wherever they are and give him a cuddle!!!
  15. Gavin is hot, but not as a blone. Kingston is so cute!