One New Bag or two used ones?

  1. Well I am sitting here agonizing over a future Cabas Piano. I'm waiting to get some bonus money from my job. I told myself my limit is $1000 for LV but that's even making me cringe. The Cabas is $880 on elux. I can't fathom spending that much on one item. Then I probably won't be able to get accessories to go with it. But I would love the feeling of a brand new LV bag. Especially since I plan on having this bag forever. So I thought if I buy a used one, then I could get 2 new accessories from elux to go with.Like an agenda and a MC mirror. What do you guys think, this is driving me crazy. I don't think I'm going to be able to keep up an LV addiction, uuh I think I'm in over my head. :crybaby:
  2. i suggest getting a new one. i never buy used bags unless they're discontinued. and if you're planning to use this bag forever and ever and amen, you might as well start off with a new one rather than pick up where someone else left off. accessories don't cost that much, so you can save for those another time. there's nothing like getting a brand-new bag :biggrin:!
  3. I also buy new. Used would probably be ok, but I don't like the idea of not knowing where the bag has been. I guess I am funny that way. Buy a new bag when you have saved enough and worry about accessories later.
  4. it depends on the condition of the "used" ones. if they're in a like-new mint condition, then i would suggest get two bags instead of one.. Yes u wont have the feeling of "brand" new bags.. but they're new in your collection and having two bags instead of one will make u forget that fast!
  5. New, used, they're both good to me. I figure bags are going to get that way anyways, so I might as well save some money !
  6. I would say get everything (the bag AND accessories) used! Why not save some $$$ when you have an option of doing so?!:nuts:
  7. I would say buy new and purchase the accessoried later.
  8. If you know what you want and you're set on a budget, I'd say buy used.

    I am not sure what accessories were referred as cheaper above, but it sure isn't LV's. On an average a wallet would run you for $400-$500. So unless you're planning on buying the smaller items such as an agenda and perhaps a Ludlo, then your option of buying two new accessories and a used bag is visible.
  9. I agree!! I saved $350 on an LV bag and ended up buying two accessories to go with it...used also! :lol: I don't mind, just as long as they're not too worn.
  10. If you are uncomfortable with spending 880$ then I would definitely buy used.
  11. I totally vote used, especially with a bag like the piano.

    If you buy it new, you will worry constantly about that bottom. With used bags, they are already broken in and feel more "ready to be used" instead of "ready to be babied"--you are more likely to use it and less likely to worry about it.

    My collection is split evenly between new and used--but I generally only buy new when a used one is too hard to find (such as a smaier speedy).
  12. I haven't bought used yet. I am just very skeptical because of the number of fakes out there, I don't want to be scammed. I like walking into the LV and coming out with my receipt for a brand new bag. Sometimes I wish I had the courage to buy used but I don't. If you feel confident I would say go for the used. Your money will end up going a lot further.
  13. my vote is for new!
    1 new or 4 used..I'ld still say one. I want the bag to be perfect, like a baby and I want to see my bag 'grow' lol.... a used bag is no longer a baby I think. Sorry for sounding a little crazy hehe.
  14. I'd buy gently used, especially a bag with the vachetta bottom.
  15. I love buying used LV and saving money! When you buy new, it is only new until you use it, which to me isn't that important. Save the money and get the accessories too!