One new and one old LV buy!

  1. I wanted to present my two new bags!
    One is semi-new, I took a gamble on eBay after I read a thread by Kimmy pointing out authentic deals on eBay. So I went for the Tompkins Square! It arrived in PERFECT condition! No scrathes on the vernis, light patina! Fab!

    I am also now the proud owner on a green Denim Speedy! (sister with my blue one which I may sell now)...I LOVE THEM!
  3. I love both bags. I am trying to decide on a denim bag. Your green neo is fabulous.
  4. the vernis is beautiful, and i love the green neo sppedy!!
  5. Very nice :smile: Enjoy!!
  6. Beautiful love the vernis!
  7. If I had to choose -I would pick the colors you have. They are the best! I love the bronze and green. Sooo jelalous!
  8. Congrats! I love them both! I actually have that bronze Tompkins Square! It's my favorite bag in my entire collection! Enjoy it and prepare youself for loads of compliments!
  9. Nice! Congrats!

  10. Those are both fabulous bags and my two favorite colors !

    ENJOY ! :biggrin:

  11. I know you do! Infact, i searched on the forum before I bought it to see if people were happy with it and you sounded like you love it so much, I went for it! :flowers:

    Everyone thanks for the compliments! The green is great fun for the summer! As long as I can sell my blue denim one I can make up for the green one! There is NO such thing as too many bags! :roflmfao:

    Thanks for the compliments everyone! I havent managed to but them into the closet yet! Theryre on the table so I can admire them!
  12. I LOVE that Tompkins Square! So gorgeous :heart: And the green Speedy is cute. Congrats on two great purchases!
  13. I love the bronze - very classy!
  14. Thanks!
  15. Wow, CONGRATS, they are both beautiful! :love:

    The Tompkins is the one from German eBay, right? Can you tell me how long the shipping taked? I bought a black MC Alma from the UK and it was shipped today :shame: