One Must Have Item for Spring

  1. Say you could only buy one item of clothing, bag or shoe for spring 2006, what would it be?

    Mine is the Lanvin cone platform in the runway 5.5 inch version. I'd have it in the sandal, t strap or pump in either black, red or teal. It's so hard to get, I'll take whatever I can. :love:
  2. Straw tote.
  3. this cute and comfy espadrille

  4. Beautiful!

    You are giving me inspiration for this summer.... White linen shirt dress, tangles of cobalt blue and gold necklaces, simple gold bangles, straw tote, blue jeweled sandals

  5. Love straw totes! So perfect for the beach. :love:

  6. Is that Louboutin? Haven't seen this particular color in stores yet.... Time to go shopping? :lol:

  7. Hey! That's what I'm going to wear! LOL. With my 501s and Frye boots, of course! :lol:
  8. What a picture!!! You look so cute:biggrin:
  9. Frye boots lol don't forget your bandana!
  10. My must have item is... money!!! :nuts: There are so many lovely things out there to buy!!!
    But re:
    shoes -> espadrilles
    bags -> I fancy something in white to be combined with ->
    clothes -> I love all the white & blue marine style (think classic Ralph Lauren) :biggrin:
  11. yes they're louboutins.....and a bargain at $300ish compared to his other shoes :lol:

    [edit] i just changed my avatar and when my post popped up it startled me :shame:
  12. Espadrilles !

    I almost bought a pair of Coach ones yesterday, but they were white and magic eraser is fab but can't always work miracles ! :sad:
  13. :love: So cute and girlie!

    Mine would have to be shorts, racerback tank tops from Abercrombie and Reef flip flops. That's three items, but they go so well together :amuse:
  14. Those Lanvin conical platforms were on my spring must-have list too! I was going crazy about them for the last couple of months but since then I think I've pretty much settled with the Louboutin yoyo zeppa & Bruges platforms with a slightly lower platform and more walkability. The Lanvin ones are like a piece of art to me but I just don't know what occasions I'll wear it to.

    If you're still looking for them, I think Kirna Zabete (NYC) will have them in pretty soon....also Barney's NY....and Susan (in Burligame, CA) and Ikram (in Chicago) already got their spring/summer Lanvin shoe shipments.