one must-have accessory

  1. Hey everyone!

    What would you say is one "must-have" accessory???
  2. the cles is inevitable- I have two that I don't even use!
    I used to use the monogram one everyday cerises one sits,unused, looking adorable.
  3. definitely the CLES :love:
  4. NOT possible to have just one!! LOL!
  5. definitely the CLES :love: :heart:
  6. Cles or a Wapity
  7. cles
  8. i'd say cles. it's one of the cheapest things you can buy at LV, and rendering it one of the most easily accessible as a first LV item. plus, they come in all colors/lines, so it's impossible to just get one!
  9. i'd say a wapity -- or two :P

    somehow i don't find the cles functional to me at all
  10. CLES - I have one to match every bag I own!!
  11. Wapity!
  12. wallet or agenda
  13. Cles, wapity, and pochette with the brass chain strap (200 I think).
  14. cles, pochette or wapity
  15. I'm voting the wapity too.
    I got the cles today and it just wasn't big enough for me.