One must go... Please Help! Pics included!

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  1. So I have decided I have one too many burgundy/brown bags. What can I say, I LOVE RMs deep burgundy/brown leathers. Currently I have a berry matinee, an eggplant mam and a glazed espresso matinee. I have included a group shot (in my daughters crib) and close ups of the different leathers. I am thinking I should keep the eggplant mam for sure and get rid of one of the matinees. So I LOVE the color and leather of the berry matinee, but I haven't even used it since I got it because I am afraid to mess it up. I just got the glazed espresso one, and the leather seems much more indestructable (always a bonus with kids!). They are all gorgeous and I like each for a different reason and all the leathers are so different.... please help! :shrugs:

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  2. sounds like you already know which one to get rid of. If you don't use it, say bye. They are all beautiful, but keep what you will use.
  3. ^^ yes, I am such a dork. The berry matinee is probably the prettiest bag I have ever seen IMO, and because of that I don't use it. What's wrong with me! Maybe it should go to someone who would take her out and show her off to the world! :girlsigh:
  4. I think one of the matinee should go..because you have 2 of them and just 1 mam.
    Both espresso and berry are beautiful. You LOVE the berry, but you dont use it because you are AFFRAID to mess it up and not because you don't like it. I think this is your HG bag..and think you will definitely miss it the most when it is gone.
    Conclusion: Bye bye espresso.
  5. I think you should keep the berry matinee, get some leather protectant and spray it - then take it everywhere you go!
  6. Carry your berry !! It is really a nice bag. If you really are affraid, protect it with leather care products or carry it with care.
    Or carry the berry and the mam alternately.
  7. I agree that one of the matinee's should go, and I think it shuld be berry, because you don't ever use it (unless you decide to start using it soon.) No point in keeping the berry if you're going to just leave it...
  8. I would definitely keep the Eggplant Mam. I would probably choose to give away the Berry Matinee, especially because you haven't used it in awhile. Personally, I really like the glazed espresso matinee a whole lot more.

  9. So I took them all out into the sunshine to get a better look at the colors and the eggplant and berry are very similiar, it's just that the berry leather is much softer and smooshier. But that being said, if I am for sure keeping the eggplant mam, it probably makes most sense to keep the glazed espresso matinee so I don't have too bags that are pretty much the same color.
    Thanks for your help!

    I hope the pics of the diff leathers are enjoyable for those that haven't seen these IRL!
  10. Yup. RM's leathers are so TDF. Always... Just remember once you start wearing and breaking in the glazed espresso, the leather is going to become smooshy too. Trust me. My tangy mam did it. :love: It's SO awesome. The leather gets better the more you wear it....

    Oh and yes, thank you for posting all the pics... :flowers:
  11. I LOVE the Glazed Espresso leather so this one is easy for me.. keep the GE Matinee & MA.. I think the Berry Matinee is a gorgeous bag but I just love the GE leather more.
    Hope you peace with your decision! Giving up a bag is always a tough thing to do.
  12. oh get rid of the berry one ;):graucho:
  13. I think you have a great collection of reds/browns. You're right, the eggplant and the berry are too similar. If the berry was the MAM, then i'd say let go of eggplant, but since the berry is the matinee, i'm sure you can sell it off well on ebay. The color is quite rare, and very similar to wine. I'm sure one of the lovely tpf gals will love to give it a new home!
  14. I'd keep the Eggplant MAM because it is a staple piece, IMO, and will serve you well for so many different situations. As far as the Matinees go, I would keep the Berry because I prefer the color and leather on it, as opposed to the Espresso.
  15. Get rid of one of the matinees.