one more: work, twiggy..etc


which aqua size??

  1. aquamarine twiggy

  2. aquamarine work

  3. aquamarine part-time

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  1. i'm joining the countless others caught in this dilemma...i must get an aquamarine bag and cant decided on the size rather wait and get the perfect one than rush into a decision as of this morning BAL NY had one work left in aqua and more twiggys so girls help me decide! im living overseas now,,,decisions are harder since i cant give myself time to return them... (i have 2 works and 1 city as of now)
  2. I vote for the Work. I love this color in that style.:smile:
  3. Work - looks great in aquamarine and you already have two so you love the style!
  4. RH or GH?
  5. i voted for PT since you have 2 works and a city.
  6. i recently fell in love with the work size. so i voted for WORK!
  7. I would say Work! I want a Aqua Work SO bad! But I also think you would like the PT since you have 2 Work's already! Make sure and post pics when you decide and get one.
  8. An Aquamarine Work would look SOOOOO fabulous! :yes:
  9. ooooh completely forgot that only RH is under consideration...though i love how it looks with the gold somehow i prefer the RH less of a trend imho...thanks so much for ur votes! decision will be made on friday and of course pics will be posted! please continue to vote and comment
  10. I voted Twiggy - add a bit of variety!
  11. I voted for the twiggy. I just love that style with the bright colors. :love:
  12. Go with the work. and post when you can. Your pics in the work were in someone else's post and it looked really great on you.
  13. I voted work. But if you want something a little different (because you already have two works) then get the Part time.
  14. Twiggy! You don't have one yet, and I really think that Twiggys lend themselves well to "fun" colors like aquamarine.
  15. i said twiggy for the same reasons everyone else did

    different style for you, and i think the brighter, vibrant colors look best on a twiggy or first.