One more watch comparison!!

  1. Different brand, different price bracket. :smile:

    I am afraid that the tag I showed you all is too glitzy for everyday Mom wear. :p

    PS...although it doesn't show on the pictures, both of the dials are the same color.
    bulova1.jpg bulova2.jpg
  2. Both are very pretty,I'm sure she'd be happy with either!! But if you want a matching watch to the rest of her jewellery that would be a nice touch too.
  3. It is for me. :yes:

    I am a simple dresser, jeans, t-shirts, cute tops, etc. SAHM type stuff.

    My wedding set is white gold with 3.5 tcw. I also wear 2 tcw (am I saying this correctly?) white gold studs everyday.

    I like the look of all stainless in a watch, but also with gold accents. I am thinking the accents, little as they are, help to tie in with my bags that have the brass/gold toned hardware. he he

    Bulova is a good brand, no? :s
  4. I like the watch on the left. Bulova is a well-known and respected brand.
  5. hi, which one did you get? modelling pics!!! :smile:
  6. I have that watch. Well mine is all silver tone. I LOVE it. I've gotton more compliments on it than any other watch. I too am a stay at home mom, and I feel it's perfect for everyday or even dressing up.
    Of the two you showed, I prefer the one on the left...the first one.
  7. I like the one on the right more. I feel the diamonds around the face of the watch look nicer with white gold as a backdrop instead of the yellow gold. Both are very pretty though.
  8. I love my bulova This is the exact one that I got for christmas and it is very comfortable to wear and to see the time at a glance because it has diamond markers. Also pave diamonds on little areas connecting the bezel. I would go for it ! I like the one on the right better because it is more silver. I got my watch through Amazon at for a great price. I too am a SAHM
  9. oh you enablers!!!! i was about to whip out my credit card when i just realized that i'm on a ban...i'll definnitely get one once i'm off the ban :p
  10. mrs MC i just saw ur post on your watch and it's lovely!!! however i noticed the price on Amazon went up, i guess you got it when it was on sale you're so lucky :tup:
  11. sorry to hijack this thread...i was planning to get the all silver tone but i have alotta gold jewllery so...sigh...i 'm not a fan of two tone watches so i guess i'll save up and get both silver and gold.:sweatdrop: