One more violet?

  1. Hi everyone! There are so many new gorgeous bags popping up tonight, so I hope you won't mind if I share my new violet city.

    This is the color I have been waiting for!! :heart: My bal collection consists of mainly neutral tones, and I have been having a tough time trying to incorporate some brighter colors into it. :push: Rouge vif provided the "pop" I needed, but at times, I felt it was just *too* colorful. (RV fans please don't flame me!) [​IMG]I still have her, though, and wear it occassionally.

    But this violet is just right!!! Not too loud, and in my favorite color, too!! I am in love!!! :girlsigh:
    My preference had always been smooth leather, but my SA had said most of the bags that had come in were distressed. I didn't know what to expect when I opened the package, but I was happily surprised at what I received. God bless her wrinkles!! :heart:

    Here are some pics (3rd one is in comparison to my ink coin purse).



  2. you are killing me with these gorgeous Violets!!!

    it's SPECTACULAR!!! :heart:
  3. congrats on your violet! love the leather on your bag. and i never get sick at looking at any violets. keep them coming!
  4. Ohhhh...... She is gorgeous!
  5. OMG, that's spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love love love royal purple(heck, I have 2.5 Eggplants!) and yours is absolutely divine:tup:

  6. oh all this violet is really killing me! I'm still waiting for my lazy BF to send mine to me! CONGRATS!
  7. :drool: so mouthwatering! The color and leather in the city style is divine! I love the distressed wrinkly leather! Please join the violet club and post on the "Five Star Violet Club"! Congrats!
  8. So beautiful!
  9. Another gorgeous violet city! I love it! :drool:

    Congrats and enjoy!
  10. WOW... LOOK at that gorgeous LEATHER!!! I wish they all came like that!!! CONGRAts~!
  11. That is drop dead gorgeous!!!! I can't get over how beautiful Violet is!!! Congrat's!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!
  12. violet perfection!!!! congrats :yahoo:
  13. Thank you everyone!! :heart: I have already switched my things into miss violet - she is ready to have her unveiling tomorrow!!! :tup:

    Ali - What style are you waiting for??

    Mintpearl - Yup, I've joined your club! :yahoo:
  14. your violet is stunning!! the leather on it is TDF!! congrats!! please post modeling pics!!
  15. Spectacular!!! I really like this color with the city I think it's the best :biggrin: