One more used LV question - do you always authenticate at the store?

  1. How does that work - you just walk in and ask any SA? Or do they have special SAs who do it - wondering esp. about vintage stuff - would the 22 year old behind the counter really be able to tell?

    Any stories on stuff like that?

  2. Well LV stores don't really authenticate anymore... some boutiques still do though.

    I suppose that the store manager is one of the main ones that authenticates, along with another experienced SA?
  3. Interesting - thanks! So how DO people authenticate?
  4. How do people authenticate?

    Well we look at:
    -Handle/strap size
    -Colors of canvas or bag
    -Size of bag
    -Heat stamps [fonts and deepness of them]
    -Date code format and location
  5. According to an SA that I specifically asked, LV stores don't "officially" authenticate. She told me the best they can do is tell you whether "it's one of ours" or "it's not one of ours". That can be a hit and miss proposition because you may not get someone who has enough experience.

    Also, it's company policy that they don't put authencity in writing because (this is unbelievable) they can actually be sued:wtf:.

    IMO, unless you personally know someone who is good at authenticating, tpf is prolly the best place for it. People here are very into LV and know a whole lot about it.
  6. Many thanks to you both!
  7. ASK for a MANAGER! This will usually get you the most accurate results!