One more to go

  1. Now that we're at the end of this crazy ride, is anyone else done or almost done their collection?

    I just found my tutti, so that means I only have vacanze left to find....

    My collection:

    Foresta ciao ciao
    Citta denaro
    Inferno canguro (may eventually let that go)
    Pirata BV
    Spiaggia bambinone
    Trasporto avventura
    Fumo porto
    Inferno bambinone
    Tutti campeggio

    Then vacanze...and I'm DONE! :woohoo: My husband laughed at me when I won the tutti the other day, cause I started doing a dance of excitement because I'm almost "complete". Jeez, I don't feel like I have a lot of toki, but that's going to be 9/10 pieces...I don't think I want to add this total up. :nogood:

    Anyone nearing "completion"?
  2. ive said like a million times that i was done after buying "this bag" my collection will be complete, and then a few weeks later i see a bag on eBay and i give in, or i find some other reason to go out and buy a toki...but for some reason i THINK im really done, i just found the perfect spiaggia mamma mia today
  3. I definitely don't have the ability to buy more than that (since I don't have a job and I'm living on school loans pretty much!), so I'm forced to be satisfied with these anyway. :smile:
  4. All I need is a vacanze MM or BV I didnt like the placement I got from pulse so I want another one with the characters I like. I mean, I love the zucca bcs it has less tree's on the placement but I also wanted a few more characters that's not on it. After that I'll be satisfied!
  5. I just need my perfect vacanze zucca or bv and then I'm done... I have several duplicate print purses I have to sell off though... I went a little too toki crazy, its just hard to pick which ones to keep. I'm trying to make it one per print.
  6. I'm planning to get one of every print. I just need a Vacanze BV or Zucca... Then ALL the PG prints(Which probably won't happen) so I think after Vacanze, I might be done xD
  7. i might get something in vacanze, maybe a stellina, if it had great placement...and of course, if a citta or inferno came along in a style that i like (damn near impossible).

    other than that, i'm done collecting. someday i just know that i'm going to have to part with a few of them for one reason or another, anyway.
  8. Probably for me I'm "done" after I find the elusive inferno. In a way not being able to get one has made me kind of "dislike" it...for some dumb reason but that's okay. I did get a Vacanze...not sure if it was the print or the fact that I ended out with two zuccas...I may sell or trade it. Who knows. The handful of bags I do hae I do really like a lot and plan to keep them.
  9. There are still a few things I want....:lol:
    - I am planning on buying a Buon Viaggio and a Cucciolo in Vacanze this week
    - I'm still hoping to get a Zucca
    - I would like a few more denaros (L'Amore, Inferno, Citta, Foresta)
    - I would love a Foresta Buon Viaggio if Foresta is re-released
  10. Yes, I'm feeling less stress now that the end is near. My closet sure looks colorful with my Tokidoki favorite being Amore...there's something about sushi being in love that makes my day!
  11. i am just looking for a tan pg bag -- hopefully a campeggio..then i'm done! :smile:
  12. i think i'm pretty much done myself. i did pretty good collecting considering i just started this summer. i've got all the prints and i think all the bag styles. i'm just waiting until i get vacanze in avventura, ciao, and bv or zucca.
  13. I would still like a famiglia luna and a bella in camo.
  14. Sounds like a lot of people still want an inferno! :search:
  15. I hope I'm done. I think I have every part of every pattern that I want. And my last 2 Vacanzes are on their way. Of course I say this having not gone more than about 10 days without buying a Toki since May. So... lets see.