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  1. If I decide to purchase the Galleria should i do MM or Gm? I really love the big size but everyone tells me because I am only 5'2 the GM will be too large. Anyone have large galleria and small frame??
  2. I'm getting the PM and I'm 5'6", medium build. I find the GM to be HUGE on me, but truthfully petite girls can carry off the GM if it matches their style. If you do the hobo bag thing a lot then it could be really hot. It's really up to you and your personal style, get what you love!
  3. I am 5' size 2 and I have the Galliera PM...the GM would be WAY too big on me. The PM is really big enough. It holds A LOT!!!!
  4. i just got my galliera pm. im 5'6 and its perfect.i did try on the gm although its beautiful, it was kinda too big especially for a everyday bag which was what i wanted.
  5. 5'3 here and I have the GM (I love big bags) friend's about the same height and she has the PM....I guess it depends on your taste and what YOU think looks good on you......
  6. I am 5'4 and have the PM which is perfect. I still have room to spare. I don't carry alot just the basics.
  7. I'm also 5'2, 110 lbs and I found PM is big enough for me. The GM is way too big for me.
  8. I am 5'4", however heavier :smile: I was very surprised on how big the PM looked. It actually looked like a great size for someone my height.
    But for me i would still get the GM, just because i love big bags.
  9. The GM is waaaaay too big on petite girls!
  10. id want it in the gm just like larger bags
  11. I think the pm would be better for your size i have it and love it though I'm taller than you. my cousin has it to and she's 1,60m that should be 5'25" and the pm is really the perfect size for her
  12. I am 5'8 and still think the PM is perfect! Some people prefer the larger bag and there is nothing wrong with it...
  13. I think it's more what you need to carry - I see lots of petite women carrying huge bags, but they need everything that's in them.

    I prefer small bags (LV pochette accessoires or such) but I can't get through the day without needing something I don't have. The smallest I can go is Kate Spade Tina or Coach Demi Pouch (bigger than LV pochette but I'm not sure what the comparable LV size is) but I hate to go over that "myself".

    As they say "YMMV".
  14. I love the GM size:smile:
  15. I think the GM looks ridiculous. It's WAY too big. I have a PM & I'm 5'3.