ONE More Sak's Gift Card Question!!!!

  1. OK, sooooo ..... I do not have a Sak's card and my Sak's does not carry chanel .... how can I open an account and get the 10% off plus the GC this Thursday ???

    ALSO .... is the Expandable Bag eligible for this promotion if it is not available til March?

    Trying to get the most BANG for my buck :p
  2. I opened a Saks card but did not make any purchases that day. Then about a month later I was at a Saks that did not carry Chanel and I wanted to make a purchase. The associate just called another store, told them it was my first time using my card, I received the discount and she sent me the bag. I think the Saks system knows that it is your first time using the card and automatically takes the discount. If not, the SA will check, and then give you the discount. To summarize, you get the discount on the day that you make your first purchase, regardless of the day that you open the account. And, just tell your SA to ensure that your purchase from the other store is rung up on the day of the event. Then you will have no trouble receiving the discount.

    As for your question regarding the expandable bag. I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure you cannot pay for a bag that they do not have in their system. So if the bag is not yet available, I don't think they can charge you for it. Therefore, you will not get the discount, since the purchase must be made on the day of the event. (I hope this wasn't too wordy.)
  3. yep.The bag needs to be in stock to get the discount
  4. Just open an account in your local Saks, and call around to locate the bag you want, and ask them to hold it for you until you get your Saks Account #. Then, they can ring it up as pre-send / pre-sale for Thursday. BUT MAKE SURE you don't buy anything until Thursday ! Also, everything you buy on the 1st day of purchase (meaning Thursday for the GC event) will be discounted 10% off.
  5. Do I have to actually GO to the store to open an account???
  6. I don't know but I would really hope so. Otherwise I could steal your wallet, open credit cards by phone at a ton of stores, make thousands of dollars worth of purchases and stick you with the bill. Not that I would do that. :smile:

  7. Nope...I did mine online..I got my account # in about 2 seconds About two weeks later I called a Saks to have my Chanel shipped..absolutely NO PROBLEMS!!! 10% off, no tax, free shipping!!! Good luck!!

  8. That is very surprising and really scary. No wonder identity theft and fraud are such huge problems in today's world.
  9. true, but not all States/city have Saks.
  10. similar here, it's just really easy to do ! when i applied, it encountered system error, so I waited for the next business day, and the CS told me that account # right away

  11. Thank you everyone for all of your help!!! Very Much Appreciated :flowers: