One more quick Epi mandarin question!!

  1. I found an Epi Mandarin Alma!! So, now the choice is down to the Alma, Jasmin, Petit Noe or Bucket? Which would you choose! Thanks gals! (and guys!):wlae:
  2. bucket!
  3. Wow, that's hard, I have been debating too....Thought I didn't like this color (just like the vernis framboise) and now that it is almost gone, I have been drooling over it, especially picturing it with the cute groom rond!

    I say bucket.

    I was at a store the other day and they must have had every one available one on the counter for a man, he was having a hard time deciding. I was surprised they still had so many models available, they even had a speedy.
  4. I prefer the Jasmin over any other bag you listed. :love:
  5. Jasmin:yes:
  6. Hi!:smile:

    Just for your info,the mandarine colour will be discontinued(and the moka colour too but maybe you know already),so if you want something in this colour,don´t hesitate to take it;) .

    Best regards

  7. :heart: I L.O.V. E. the mandarin! I bought the bucket and I :heart: Her! She is great if you want a shoulder bag!
  8. I heard the myrtille that true?
  9. the jasmin is the only one i like... i've never been a fan of the other styles.
  10. I heard the myrtille that true?

    ===>no,Its not planned to be discontinued.
    Only Mandarine & Moka,that´s all.
  11. noeeeeeeee ;]
  12. I really like the Jasmin in orange.
  13. Jasmine.
  14. I love both Alma and Jasmin... but if I had to choose... I wold pick: The Alma!!! :biggrin:
  15. Alma is my first choice as well - hmmmmmmmmmmm, need to make a decision!!