One More Question re: New Chanel sunnies

  1. Hi again ladies (and gents) I had started a thread about losing my tortoise shell Chanel sunnies and planning to replace them (prob with the tortoise shell ones with the mother of pearl CCs OR the white with black camellia themed ones) But, now i am thinking since i MUST have a tortoise pair in my Chanel sunnie wardrobe (like its protection against malaria or something.....geeez, am i addicted lol)
    why not the tortoise ones that have the camellias (and one tiny cc)?

    it could be a perfect solution, tortoise AND the camellia which I love, rolled into one, but for one detail: Camellias/tiny cc are black so do not show up hardly on the tortoise! And if I'm paying what will amount to $400 with tax, for sunnies, they gotta show up! I mean, hey..............:confused1:

    i need a reality check, am i being unreasoanble, petty, obsessive to an unhealthy (even for this forum lol) degree?
    opinions please!
    Thanks! :love:
  2. Go with what you love, and it sounds like the camellias are it. Either one are going to be $400, so get what you're most drawn to.
  3. You have to try them all on and see what you love most..I cant talk --LOL! I have almost a dozen pairs of Chanel sunnies....I live in them!(Im a BAD influence!)
  4. I love the tortoise sunnies Swanky has. I have them in black and they are really great for small faces. They're the 5080b.
  5. Queenmab, Jill and Roey..............thank you!! knowing me i will get both, omg!! :p

    but the white ones are TDF...................and even though I too love the ones Swanky has, they don't look as good on me...i must try them again though, was wearing a ponytail when tried them on and they are angular and i have an angular face....maybe with hair down, they will look better

    LOL Jill you crack me up

    ohhhhhh ::shouting from her megaphone on roof of house:: Chanel Trunk Show at Saks here, Thursday from 10-5! anyone from northeast wanna caravan down or take quick JetBlue cheapie flight? we could also have lunch and the you guys can experience our 80 degree plus weather! and we can set up camp in Saks Chanel boutique :happydance: :beach: :party: