One more question, please, re SA for BBags--

  1. I have seen several references to Daphne. My local Saks has a very limited selection, so is this the woman to call for advice and to order? If so, would anyone mind giving me her contact information? Thanks!
  2. BalNY phone number is 212-206-0872. She's working today.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Daphne is wonderful!!!
  5. If not, Kim is another SA u can go for....:smile:
  6. i go for kim:smile: 1st time i called some very rude and uninteresting SA answered and i almost lost my enthusiasm with Bal (but pf'ers are such good enablers thou)....i dialled again and the very helpful and perceptive kim answered!

    good luck for your BalNY experience:smile:
  7. Leem - and if BNY doesn't have what you are looking for, I recommend Nanette at the Chicago Barneys. She is awesome!
  8. Just remember that Saks has a much better return policy than BalNY!!!
  9. ^^I second that. Kim is really sweet. I was in BNY the other day and she was extremely helpful and patient with my horrible indecisiveness.