one more question on papillion 26 - how's my offer look?

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  1. the seller bought it at eluxury dec. 05 and claims that she used it 3 times and is in "perfect" condition.

    i offered $450 shipped. (she originally wanted 490.)

    i've never bought any used bags before.

    is this a good price? (if i get it that is) what do you think?
  2. Is it a Damier or a Monogram one? For a Damier then 380-450 is good. For a Monogram, max would have to be around 350.
  3. i agree......i've seen almost new damiers go for around 400-450ish......i don't think you should really offer too much more than that since the retail is only $565 so if you're paying around $500 you might as well pay a little extra and just buy a new one :yes:
  4. it's damier. thanks for your help ladies!
  5. wow thats exspensive! I purchases a mono papi 30 used for only 450. and it was in immaculate condition!
  6. Yup, I'd say that's a fair offer :smile: