One more question-grey reissue owner

  1. What do you wear with this bag? What color goes with this grey color? Thanks.
  2. I consider it a neutral. It kinda has a marbleized finish to it so it picks up on different shades like blues, browns, and of course black and gray. I mostly wear mine with jeans though - both blue and black. I think it particularly looks good with either faded blue jeans, or gray jeans.
  3. ^^^ITA. It's such a neutral color. It can go with anything. I used mine with lots of jeans, blacks, greys, pinks etc...
  4. ^Oh yes, that's right the gray does look awesome with pinks and other pastels too!
  5. You can wear it with anything. It's such a neutral color. When you wear it with all black it will pop. Enjoy it!!
  6. I wear mine with jeans, purples, blues, grays, blacks and pinks. It goes with just about everything.
  7. Definitely everything! I love this colour -- and I still love my bag!
  8. ^^I agree with everyone. It goes with most everything.
  9. ^agree with everyone! blacks, pinks, blues... it's very versatile actually!
  10. Everything but brown.
  11. Thank you, ladies.:yes: