One more question about the speedy...I posted earlier I just received itfrom eLuxury

  1. and it was folded and in the LV box for shipping. The bag has some creases in it from being folded. Should those just work themselves out pretty easily or is there something I should do? Thanks!
  2. They'll come out as you use the bag. Enjoy and congratulations!
  3. with my speedy, I stuffed it with tee-shirts for a couple of days to get the creases out. After 4 days it was perfect.
  4. The folds will come out once you place the weight from your items in there and carry it for a while. Some place their items in their new speedy and hold a hair dryer on medium speed 12 inches from the canvas just to warm it a little. I myself have never tried it and therefore cannot recommend it, but I have seen others post this on TPF. I always just let they fall out naturally through use and it has worked each time. 99% of the speedies come folded, once in a while, a SA will stuff a speedy and place in a larger box but that is usually done when someone request it in that manner. Enjoy your beautful bag, you will love the speedy, it a great classic bag that will NEVER go out of style. You picked a great style!!!!
  5. Congrats on your new speedy and welcome to the forum!!
  6. Mine came out no problem
  7. Yep thats the way they are shipped. Stuff an oversized towel in it and place it in frnt of a warm window. the heat/the bag stuffed will help get hte creases out.
  8. oh don't worry they will disappear with using your bag.
  9. yea its normal. once you start carrying the bag the creases disappear as long as you don't fold it back up and put it in the box.
  10. Yup, they should remove themselves once you start using it.
  11. Congrats on you new speedy!!

    When I got my speedy I was also worried about the creases. I had the bag stuffed for about a day, it seemed like it was going to take forever for them to go away.

    The ladies here on TPF suggested I just take it out and keep using it until they came out, and that's what I did. Best advice ever! Just use it right away, they will eventually work themselves out.
  12. I stuff mine full of hand towels for a few days. With use, they eventually pop out. Congrats!!
  13. Congrats and enjoy!!!
  14. they'll will come out like everyone has been saying once you use it to speed the process you can stuff it with a towel that may help!
  15. Yeah don't worry about those.

    They will disappear as you continue to use it.

    When your not using it stuff it with t-shirts so it can form its shape.

    Enjoy your new LV!