One More Question About Miroir Lockit?

  1. Hi kids! i am wondering if the vertical miroir lockit comes in a size bigger than the 11" x 11.4, or whatever the actual dimensions are - i think i remember there were two 11's: one for width and one for height..........?? :confused1:

    i am all of a sudden obsessing about miroir Lockit, as well as miroir Alma

    TIA! :smile:
  2. Nope, the Miroir Lockits only came in the one size, as did all the styles. :yes:
    Speedy 34 (equivalent to a 35)
    Alma Voyage
    Keepall 45
    Papillon (not sure of size, but it looks to be between the 26 and 30)
    Miroir Lockit
  3. Miroir Lockit only comes in PM size. There is no other size.
  4. thank you! :flowers: