One more Poppy - THATS ALL!!!

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  1. I mean it this time, lol! This was the only other Poppy bag that was really getting in my head every time. I havent had a signature bag since my very first Carly, and I really only carry leather bags, but I just could not resist. I thought the price for the smaller version of this bag was $168, which I thought was alot for the size, but today I clarified it was for the larger one, and that made my decision much easier! Crazyforcoach put this bag on hold at our local outlet for me yesterday, and Im so grateful because there was only one other choc sig in the store today and it was a MADHOUSE within 45 minutes of opening. So here is my large chocoalte signature Spotlight. The only thing I DO NOT like is the canvas strap. I think it cheapens the look of the bag so I tucked it inside since it only unclips from one side. I may even cut it off, thats how much I dislike it! Oh, and the hot pink hangtag is kinda weird like Inch said, but I can live with that more than the strap. I do love the lavendar lining in this one (for a change!), and I had to pick up the matching gold Poppy small wallet - it just matches too well to not get. So Spotlight, $168, wallet, $47 and I am SOOO done with bags. Only accessories, if anything at all, for me for quite a while!

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  2. congrats
  3. woohoo I love mine too..dont cut the strap i was going to but i found myself using it that way all yesterday lol..the pink tag is alittle weird so i bought a small patent gold tag to add to the pink and sparkle tags so it evens it out...i thought i was poppy done but i have one more coming this week and your price was just unsanely good i paid 225 on evilbay lol..congrats..oh and im a all leather girl too but this bag is just so cute...
  4. I love this bag! It is on my list of wants :smile:
  5. Super nice congrats..
  6. That's really cute. So it looks like you are carrying it on your shoulder with the 2 handles? I love the spotlight, but when I tried one on the other day it was very uncomfortable and I'm not a large person. I hated it with the longer strap so I put it back. Maybe I was looking at the smaller size.
  7. That's why I passed also, it did not fit comfortably at all on my shoulder and I don't do cross body.
  8. awesome bag!! you make me want one!!!
  9. Inch, your bag pushed me over the edge w/this bag!!! Its been on my radar for quite a while, but when I saw yours I REALLLY wanted it, lol, so I found my own. I know I will not use that long strap - the bag would hang down on me like a mailsack since Im so short, so I really may just SNIP!!!
  10. Maybe you were looking at the smaller one? That bag is significantly smaller and the two handles are smaller too. I didnt even try that one on my shoulder, but this one is fine. Im little, tho, so most bags fit over my shoulder. Maybe you need to try it again? I wont use that long strap either.
  11. oh the pain of the snip lol lol but yes the 2 shoulder straps fit fine on me too and im 5'7"..I think im poppy done except the glam tote on the way lol
  12. It probably was the smaller one. At the time, I didn't realize there were 2 sizes. I'll have to check them out again and look for the larger one. I'm small so I usually don't have a problem wearing bags on my shoulder.
  13. This may help - the retail price of the smaller one is $268, the larger one is $298. For that $30, though, the size difference is substantial.
  14. Woo hoo! Loving my Glam Tote! Which one?
  15. Nice buy! Is the Poppy stuff on Clearance yet?