One more poll on first LV...

  1. I love the Suhali Lockit, but there is just no way I can afford it right now, and I think I really want something in monogram. So which should be my first LV: a Speedy 30 or Tivoli GM? Is the Tivoli too trendy, or does it have the potential to be an LV classic? :confused1:
  2. Think the tivoli has the potential to become a classic, but the speedy is already a classic. The perfect first bag and much less $$$ this way you can save up for dream bag
  3. That's a tough question. The tivoli is a pretty bag, but the speedy is a classic. I'd go with the speedy as a first LV.
  4. I would pick a speedy because like everyone else has said, "it's classic!"
  5. Definitely the SPEEDY for your 1st LV ... :tup:
  6. In every LV collection, there's gotta be a Speedy!!
  7. I'll be the odd one out and say Tivoli GM ... because it's both shoulder and a handbag ... besides I prefer the Speedy 35 in Mono.
  8. speedy 30
  9. Speedy won't be disappointed!!!

  10. Hahaha, maybe one day I'll get a Speedy, but I wanted something that would be breath taking and I think Tivoli is that. I still don't have a Speedy in my collection though, so I might be biased... The look I get from my friends when I tell them my bag is LV though... that's classic...Cause they didn't know LV made bags that aren't the speedy...
  11. I vote for tivoli GM, I always keen Mono in such that style ;)
  12. speedy all the way!
  13. Forgot to mention that my main worry with the Speedy is the ease of getting into the bag if I need something in a hurry. I always hate it when I can't find something in my bag and I have to dig around!
  14. Definitely the Speedy. It's a bag you cannot go wrong with.
  15. i'd pick the speedy. classic bag. i want one myself. :smile: