One more PM Agenda Question- Are there any non-LV pens that fit this agenda?

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  1. As much as I love the pens, I can't actually justify the 200 dollars for them...sigh.:hysteric:
  2. I love those pens too but they are just stupidly priced. Get the Tiffany's pen...if you don't mind spending $80 instead.
  3. Is there a tiffanys pen with gold accents that fits? I've seen one online but not in real life. Any idea if it comes in colors other than tiffany blue? I need to get a pen! My "le pen" doesnt even fit in my agenda!
  4. i got the Lamey spirit pen and its only about 30 something dollars
  5. I really try to avoid mixing silver & gold. It's a weird OCD thing! Anyone find any gold pens or pens with gold accents?
  6. I got mine from for about 4 bucks, a cute little silver one.
  7. I use a pencil, it's plastic with the tip that comes out.
    no ink for me.
    ha ha ha I am non-commital, except for the LV purchases
  8. I agree that the pen is very expensive. However,my husband bought it for me and I absoulty love it. It does make the agenda! It is so pretty inside. I thought i would just return it, however when I put it into my was love at first sight. I use it all the time and get tons of compliments!!!I dont regret keeping it at all!!
  9. i got my pen from a japanese book store. it's silver and it fits great
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