One more! Pick one!!

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  1. AHHHH!
    I was all set to order the Wapity (and the Fleur de Porcelaine bandeau :smile: ) and then lo and behold, I went on elux today and they had the cles in the rasberry vernis!!
    Now I don't know which one I should order. (Oh, why can't I just have an unlimited supply of money?!!)

    I feel like I'd get more use out of the wapity, but I've been waiting for that cles to pop up on elux-I just LOOOOOVE that color...
  2. I'd get the wapity because I know I'd ruin the vernis in about two seconds! But get the one you love most. The raspberry is a gorgeous color!:biggrin:
  3. Pick only ONE????? I like both ;) :graucho:
  4. wapity for sure.
  5. I voted Wapity only because Vernis Cles (which is GORGEOUS, BTW!!!) will be ruined quickly if you use it often.
  6. Wapity...has more room plus more durable
  7. i picked the framboise cles. It won't get ruined with regular use. I've been using mine everyday since January and not a mark on it! Its been in and out of bags and hanging off my jeans. I LOVE it!
  8. I voted for Wapity, but I'd pick both! ;)
  9. Is the Vernis as durable as the Monogram Canvas?

    I'm really bad with throwing my stuff around and whichever I get is bound to get stuffed into one bag or other, shoved into pockets, transferred excessively...
  10. I'd love both, but I put some money out on the Theda this month, plus I splurged on two other bags AND on top of all the bag stuff, I just started a lease on a new car which is a little more than what we were paying :whistle:

    so yeah, 'sigh'

    Right now, even $200 is a HUGE splurge.
    I'm even starting to feel guilt over the fact that I'm taking one of these in addition to the bandeau I posted in the other thread...:wondering
  11. Hehe!
    Let someone else give to you the bandeau as a gift :biggrin:

    ps. Is the grammar sentence right?!:shame:

  12. wapity :smile:
  13. Wapity all the way. You can't believe what you can fit in there! Its like a magical botomless pit! (almost!)

  14. is there some sort of color transfer from the vernis i wanted to get one but was afraid i would just ruin it (scratches and everything) and if im not mistaken i read something about vernis color transfer
  15. close enough! we get it!

    purse talk = universal language!