One more opinion question, what do we think of the watches?

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  1. I normally like to stick with a brand known mostly for watches, but I've always liked the small H watch. When I went to look at them the price was much lower than I expected......anyway, my husband is really planning on getting me a rolex and I really want the rolex and wouldn't want to give that up for the hermes to tell you the truth...but there is still a place in my heart for this cute little watch with the orange band....anyone have one? Maybe a couple more years down the road...I would like to have at least one leather banded watch....Just wanted to see if anyone cared to comment...thanks!
  2. I don't currently own one but I am planning on buying myself one for my birthday this year. I too was surprised when I learned the price.
  3. Lola, that's what I want, too! I love the H-Our watch with a potiron band!! YUM! Price is great, IMO.
  4. I actually own a vintage Kelly watch. However, the one I have was gold hardware with gold dial and the strap is the gold calfskin strap. I found my combo to be a bit boring, which is why I'm looking to get more H watches (Kelly style). However, I got to figure out how to coordinate and match the dial with the strap first, hence my other post.

    I personally like the Kelly watch, because it works as both jewelry and watch and you can change the colors of the strap whenever you want to create a different look. However, I'm generally not a watch person and that's why I'm not too concerned about getting a brandname watch as opposed to getting a watch from a company that is known for making watches. Nonetheless, several SAs have reassured me that Hermes watches are good watches.:yes:
  5. Yeah, the H-our lady, I like the med. size too but it takes up the whole surface of my wrist the the points on the H stick out beyond that.... I still love it! I was trying for it for x-mas last year but don't know what happened with that, I've actually seen them on the orolus website for like $990...anyone know or trust them as a company, I believe they are reputable?? anyway, the rolex is def. first, then I'll work on the H-our, I almost forgot about it........
  6. Thanks! I don't know if I doubt the quality....I just want my solid staple metal watch first, and then do the H with some color, more of a novelty item......I'm sure the quality is amazing....
  7. I've never had problems with my Hermes watches. I have a few Kelly watches (red lizard/gold, sapphire lizard/gold, cognac ostrich/gold, black/palladium), yellow/palladium H-our/palladium, barenia Harnais/palladium and I love them all!
  8. Ninja, your Hermes collection is TDF. Although this thread is about watches, I must complement your sweet mini Kelly trio!
  9. Can you post pictures of your watches please? They sound totally TDF!:nuts:
  10. There is a post about this in the jewelry section I believe - or some info. under the Rolex posts. I believe that Hermes watches aren't as sophisticated mechanically as a Rolex or certain lines of Cartier, hence the lower price point. They are quite lovely though. I'm looking to get a Medor watch myself.
  11. Thank you so much, Greentea! I'm 4'10", so the minis are just right for me - even as a day bag! I always knew there would have to be some benefit to being so short - LOL!!

    Thanks, Kou. Here is a link to the page that my watches are on.
  12. Wow!! You have an amazing collections of Hermes items!!!:nuts: Btw, for some odd reasons pictures show up very tiny on my work computer. I seem to see a dark blue double-tour watch strap in one of your pics? What kind of leather is it? My SA kept telling me that exotic leather doesn't come in Kelly double-tour
  13. No, it is not your computer. I just don't know how to post pix here yet! LOL!! When I tried to post from photobucket, the pix were too big. Here, they are too small. I'll get the hang of it some day. :smile:

    The Kelly straps are sapphire lizard, rouge vif lizard and cognac ostrich with gold h/w and black epsom with palladium h/w. They are just single Kelly watch straps, not double tour. I do have a double tour bracelet, but it is raisin epsom with palladium h/w.

    Thanks so much for the compliments!:tender:
  14. I have two H watches: one in silver and the other gold. I love the fact that I can alternate bands - I have one lizard for the gold watch and a double kelly band in barenia and a black box single for the silver.

    I also love alternating bands and charms :yes:

    hermes_9 (1)2.jpg