one more oops heeh :) SHOPPING AGAIN TODAY! :) yay

  1. haha okk this is my last OOPS for a while i swear, it has to be haha or ill go broke, but todays purchases were llike 1/2 purchases cause i had a few things to exchange (a wallet and a small soho hobo)

    The SAs at the store i go to are just so super fun i spent like 3 hrs hanging out there just talking whatever before i even made my purchases cause they are just so fun!!

    So anyway here are my new bags!!!!!!! :smile: I am sososososo excited about them i love them both,

    the ergo hobo i cant get over its so perfect i dont get how people felt it didnt sit right on their shoulders i guess my shoulder is just made for it! :smile: hehe

    and the hamptons hobo is perfect for a rainy day YAY!

    **the hamptons limited edition coin purse i got from the coach website though it just got delivered today tho :smile:

    Thanks for looking! :smile: i love you coach ladies is so fun to share my excitement!
  2. Wow!! Love your Coach haul!! Looks like you had on heck of a FUN day!! Congrats on your adorable new bags!
  3. wow i love your purchases!!! your hobo matches my hobo!! lol
  4. CUTE!!!, I love the ergo!
  5. good stuff. i have the red patent coin purse and LOVE it
  6. nice haul bessie!
  7. thanks everyone :smile: im so excited i love new stuff!
  8. i forgot i bought this too :smile: as a gift for my mom who is an artist its a sketch book, really beautiful SOFT! Pebbled brown leather
    and the pages all have silver on all 3 faces that show it is totally gorgeous and she loved it!!!

    (i got it so she can sketch , write notes, whatever while we are in england!)

  9. you made some great purchases!
  10. love the ergo hobo! It really is a great bag; I love the way it fits on me - I think I will use mine tomorrow!

    Congrats on all your awesome purchases!
  11. Very nice choices - love that patent leather coin purse!
  12. Awesome deals Bessie. Bet you cannot wait for your headbands!!!
  13. ^O MY GOD :smile:sooo excited i cannot wait for my headbands!!!

    I was telling my SA about them today she thought it was brilliant :smile:

    i told her i would come show her them!!! do they look amazing?!!?
  14. Yeah! Love them Bessie!:yes:
  15. Okay Bessie, you win #1 consumer on the tpf board for the month! Hee, hee :p (I also saw your Elisha on the other board - beautiful!!)
    I tried that hampton hobo on in the store a few weeks ago and it's so comfy - like wearing nothing - I think that's a great choice!