One more nail in the Coffer..........(Uuuhhhggg!)

  1. Okay girls, I think that I have a serious problem with Coffer addiction. I swore that I wasn't going to buy another Coffer and was going to find another style bag and I just couldn't help myself..........:shrugs:. I ordered the brown Coffer from Styledrops right now! :shame: I couldn't resist the price and I just had to have it instead of waiting to find the brown Prada gauffre bowler. Here she is..............
  2. opsss miu2 I am afraid you have a serios Coffer addiction! :biggrin:
    you might have ordered plum one or one of the new prada bags,cos you have the light brown,brown suede OMG
    good luck :smile:
  3. omg, that is gorgeous and price is excellent, my coffer was 1445. hmm , congrats, I want that color now too. miu2, I am embarrassed to say I havent used my cream coffer yet, I am so scared to ruin it. I WISH i GOT the brown instead.
  4. You know Justified, I seriously considered buying the plum Coffer, but was really concerned that it might be too dark for my wardrobe. I have alot more true brown in my wardrobe and have some seriously nice Michael Kors brown leather boots that I needed to find a brown leather bag for and just impulsively pushed the "proceed to checkout button", (I'm soo ashamed...........:shame:smile:. On the other hand, I am seriously considering selling the cream Coffer since I am so deadly afraid to take her out and get color transfer, marks, etc on her. But every time I take her out of the dustbag, I just can't bring myself to part with her (her leather is TDF). I seriously need help...................:blush:.
  5. sjunky13, I just read your post after I posted above! I feel exactly the same way and I am seriously considering putting the cream one up for adoption.......... just don't know what to do :nogood:.
  6. have you ever used the cream coffer, I pull it out of the dustbag and cant bear to part with it, I paid over 1500 with tax, ordered from Saks and if I sell it, I will probally be lucky to get 600 for it. I have had it since january and it has never left my house, that is sad. I love love love the brown one for fall. Maybe if we can protect them it wont be so scary to use.
  7. I haven't worn it :nogood:. I'm just like you, I take it out of the dustbag and just hold it and dream of the day that I will wear it. A while back Rosemary told me about a place called "lovin my bags" which is a bag "spa". They restore and repair bags to their original color and condition. I hear other tPFers have had great results from them, but it really bothers me to think that I would have to send it to be restored after only a couple times of use (it just doesn't make sense to me). I am really torn. My practical side says to let it go, while my emotional side just won't let go.........:confused1:
  8. heheh I can understand you miu2 . I also do a lot of impulse buys,but when it comes to bags and over $1000 I have to think about it.
    cream is very hard to use it.I have LV and it's strap is light brown since I use it like everyday now it got very dirty dark brown :sad: and I asked LV they can't clean it or do anything. Light colored bag is always gets dirty even with one use.
    Also now I am really liking prada bow clutch beside the coffer and I am :banned:to buy bags for a while.

    Brown leather will be a great addition to your Coffer family,but still it is missing the plum one
  9. You're sooo funny Justified! You're going to get me to buy that plum one day, I swear you are!! :yes:
    Hey, I've got an idea........we can go halves on it and just send it back and forth!! :drinks:
  10. Miu -- hahahaa -- funny title! LOVE the brown Coffer -- wore mine today after finally resting my creamy white gauffre bowler. <---- She's wearing just fine -- very little dirt marks -- still looks and smells new -- but I do baby her. I keep the white dust bag on the car seat for her to sit on and I carry baby wipes with me in case of -- horror-- small accidents.

    Back to the brown coffer -- enjoy her and can't wait to see an updated family pic!
  11. Agree! love the title of this post!

    I wouldn't worry! Just enjoy your coffers.
  12. Miu -- I haven't done it with bags but I have that "save it for a nice occasion" thing sometimes with clothes or a fragile pair of shoes. I think I got it from my mother -- I gave her a cashmere track suit one Christmas and asked her a few months later how she was liking it and she said she was saving it. She's 78 -- lordy -- what could she be saving it FOR? But then I knew !!

    Enjoy your new brown coffer !!
  13. hehe thanks for the compliment :wlae:
    I really want a coffer and since I am not able to buy it for a while I am just having fun with seeing your coffers.
    that's an great idea :smile: :tup:
  14. Oh my Minette.........a creamy white gauffre bowler!! What a Dream Bag!! :drool: I absolutely LOVE the Guaffre Bowlers!! And yours stays clean?? Wow. The only reason I jumped on the brown Coffer was because I couldn't locate the Gauffre Bowler in brown (plus I couldn't resist the price of the Coffer). So you don't get any color transfer from your clothes onto your Gauffre? Maybe I need to buy more quality clothes? ;)
  15. Your title is tooo cute! lol