One more mini skinny choice to make..

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  1. Sigh. I'm going to get a mini skinny and there are only a few to choose from. They have the black op art, the sutton sig in brown, in beige, in black on black, and the zebra lurex. Which is your preference?
  2. zebra!!
  3. zebra lurex...
  4. Zebra!
  5. i vote the brown signature.
  6. zebra
  7. I say Zebra!!!
    Very cute!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. zebra all the way!!! :yahoo:
  9. Zebra for sure!! :smile:
  10. Zebra! I love buying cute mini skinnies in all of the fun prints that I wouldn't normally buy a bag in...
  11. Definitely zebra! There will always be variations of the other ones, but the zebra might not come around again for awhile.
  12. one vote for zebra!
  13. Zebra!!!
  14. Zebra, for all the reasons others have said.
    Altho, I did see a raspberry sig one that is really very cute. have you seen that? I saw it at a Macy's, but I realize they might not have that store where you are. Don't know if you can order.
  15. I can actually order off the site with the new free shipping to Canada!!! In that case, I have more options! I like the purple op art and teal op art, but I think I still like the zebra :smile: