One more -- Layering necklaces: got a pocket watch & a silver locket...

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  1. I've got one more for you! I want to put together an outfit with the following pieces. I want it to be completely out-of-the-ordinary, and I'd appreciate the advice of you fashion mavens to help me stay within the range of "unique" and not "gaudy." It's a day outfit.

    The clothes: A black flapper-style dress (below the knees) and a white cream silk chinese-inspired top, very, very intricate, which I think will be worn loose over it.

    For jewelry (here's where the vision gets a little fuzzy):

    I've got an old, very expensive, very substantial gold pocket watch that fastens with a gold lion trinket -- I can wear it around my neck as a choker. The watch has black needles & a pearly back, and the chain is made of heavy gold.

    I've also got a big silver locket (about an inch and a half height-wise) with the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland engraved on it. I was thinking that I'd tie it with a black silk ribbon and maybe add in some glass beads (pink, grey).

    My friend also offered to lend me some brilliant jewels -- necklaces and earrings.

    I'd like to layer two or more of these jewelry pieces, and I'd really like to include the locket, if possible. I figured I'd just wing it when I have all the pieces together in person, but I'd love to hear your input based on what I've just written. :smile:

    Thanks, ladies!
  2. Edit: Nevermind, I figured out what to do with the pocket watch. I tied it to the side ribbon of the dress and hung it like you'd hang it off of pants -- it looks really snazzy like that.

    Now, for layering necklaces... so I've got a chunky gold pocket watch hanging off my side, and I want a locket off my neck layered with some jewels. Is that feasible?
  3. I'm a little confused about the top. When you say it's Chinese-inspired, do you mean with a slight Mandarin collar, maybe similar to this (but obviously with some different pattern and in white) [​IMG]

    If so, I'd advise pairing it with other necklaces. I think that the locket alone would look a little chunky, but if you could find some black beaded necklaces in varying lengths, I think that would look great.

    And I'd definitely advise pinning up the dress, but if you can, make sure you do it somewhere that the blouse is covering the pins.

    Also, what shoes are you planning on wearing? If this is a possibility, I'd suggest white patent leather closed-toed pumps.

    Hope this helped!
  4. It depends on what the jewels look like with the silver locket, but I would probably pick one main piece of jewelry and then some less prominent pieces that complement it.

    The outfit sounds very pretty!

    What kind of shoes were you thinking of? I think round toe pumps would look really cute.
  5. I'd love to see a picture of this outfit. Sounds very unique and cool, but I am terrible at invisioning these things.