One more Kooba vote, please

  1. If you could own only one Kooba bag, you would pick ... ? Why? Do you think either one would be a bag you'd carry years from now? Thanks for any and all input ladies! :flowers:

    #1 Kooba Brynne, Oak


    #2 Kooba Paige, Java

  2. Reason I ask is b/c I keep looking at my Brynne and loving it but asking myself if I will grow sick of it.
  3. the paige java looks so cosmopolitan...i like it a lot! the dark brown color is classic, and i like how the straps are wide enough to look good over the shoulder or on the arm.
  4. Yes, I do prefer the Paige in the darker colors vs the lighter myself ...
  5. The Brynne to me (I have it in black) is a very good bag. Roomy and not too heavy. I'm not sick of it yet (had it for 2 months). However I've heard that the Paige is very big (although size seem similar to Brynne) and very heavy. HTH!
  6. I like the Paige much better. The first style is cool for now, but I think the lacing has a better chance of looking dated in the near future. The buckles on the Paige seem more classic to me.
  7. Thanks girls.

    Bebe, that is exactly why I keep going back to the Brynne and going hmmmmm ... not that I can't have more than one bag, but for that pricetag I want to know I will use it for a few seasons at least.
  8. I love the Brynne. Reason? It's style is simple, yet it has elegant details. I don't care for the Paige much... no particular reason, it's just not my style.
  9. Brynne all the way. I generally love all Koobas but the Paige just looks icky to me. I think I got turned off by that Boubon colour and it just stuck with me.
  10. I vote for the Paige. You see buckles every season but not laces like on the Brynn.
  11. Thanks girls, you bring up good points, this helps me a lot!
  12. Hoping the Spring bags show us a less Western, less Boho, less Buckled Koobas and bring us some classic bags that will stand the test of time. They can't ride on their Laurels of the Sienna forever. OC you know I love the brand and suspect I always will but I would like a little more daring Koobas. More color, more gutsy look.
  13. I really liked the Brynne in person, but for LT use, I think Paige might be a better choice b/c you might get sick of the lace/studs on the Brynne. But, if you think about it in terms of practicality, Brynne might be better b/c it's lighter and a better size. If I had to choose, I'd end up getting the Brynne b/c what's the use of having the bag if I don't end up reaching for it everyday? The leather on the Brynne is so nice~~I always look at it when I pass by Bloomie's Kooba section. :p
  14. Kooba Paige is GORGEOUS!!
  15. I've never seen either bag IRL, but from the pictures I'd pick the Brynne. I think it's pretty and simple. The details (like the studs) are subtle and therefore won't date the bag too quickly.
    The Paige is nice too, but it reminds me of a tarantula (the straps looks like tarantula legs). But maybe I'm just a weirdo. :p