One More Inch on the MAB and MAM...


Mar 29, 2007
Would make all the difference for me. I love the style and really want one but the bag just doesn't work at all on the shoulder for me... Too snug. I am an average sized girl so I was hoping it would work out but no joy.

Anyone else out there wish the MAB/MAM had an additional inch on the shoulder drop? I don't think it would negatively affect the aesthetic of the bag. In fact, I think it would open it up to a wider audience.

Anyone else not get this style because of this but still love the bag? The longer shoulder strap might be good in a pinch but not on a regular basis.

I'm bummed. I really love this style but it doesn't work for my LIFEstyle.


Mar 20, 2006
I know exactly what you mean! I can never really wear a MAM over my shoulder unless I'm wearing light clothes. The bag is already really heavy by itself and with my stuff in it only makes it heavier, sometimes it's really inconvenient to lug around on the crook of my arm. I still love my MAM but the only time I really use it is when I know I won't be walking around a lot and when I'm traveling by car.


RM ~ Bal ~ LV
Jan 29, 2009
I still love my MABS and MAM's, but I rarely wear them on my shoulder either. It fits but one strap is always falling off so I end up carrying it on my arm. I would love it to be an inch longer!


Mar 5, 2009
I have two MAMs but no MABs (still on the hunt for the right one) and I know what you mean. I can wear them on my shoulder but it's a tight fit with a bulky sweater or one of my winter coats. I haven't tried them with all my winter coats but I'm sure I won't be able to wear them on the shoulder over most of the coats. Both MAMs were pre-owned so they've already been broken in - can't really hope for much more loosening up without risking a broken handle.

I think that may be why I have three Matinees; they have that extra bit of handle clearance so there's no need to worry if it's going to fit or not ;)

Most all of the very recent MAM/MAB special orders come with the shoulder strap now - I am waiting on the espresso MAM that is already in production!


Sep 23, 2007
I have one arriving next week, a lemon MAM. I am a shoulder bag girl so hoping that I can adapt to the MAM. Mine does come with the shoulder strap in case I can't though. I am excited to finally see this style IRL. I will report back with my review.


Apr 22, 2008
I do kind of wish for that extra inch too. If I'm wearing anything thicker than a sweater, I can't wear my MAMs/MABs on my shoulder. But I love how they look in the crook of the arm. Mainly I use my MAMs/MABs for work where I won't be carrying it around a lot and my nikkis/darlings/devotes when I'm shopping or running errands.


Broccoli, yum!
May 1, 2008
I would also love a half to a full inch extra on the handles. My MAs sit in my closet as sweaters that are a little too snug do. They're too pretty to part with, but hope hope hope that I will one day get smaller to fit in them comfortably! *sigh*