One more for the collection pale rose weekender!!!Love it or hate it?

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  1. There's no end to my balenciaga craze!!!i recently purchased this weekender pale rose and now i'm having doubts.Is it too big to be true?i was thinking of using it for travelling only,but then it'd be a waste cause i couldn't use it for daily use.(cause it's too big and i look weird.)What do you guys think???love it or hate it??should i keep it or not??

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  2. Oooh, I like it. :o) Can you send us a picture of your wearing it?
  3. I LOVE the color! (I have a pale rose Purse.) I find the weekender a bit too large for everyday use for me, but I'm petite and don't carry much around with me. If it suits your needs and you like it I say keep it!
  4. It is a very pretty color!
  5. You have been on a balenciaga spree lately :P

    I love b-bags, but, city is as large as I can go. For me they do not make practical travel bags either, since you really can't put the handles over your shoulders comfortably.

    Can you exchange this one since it is so new?
  6. I love the weeekender - I have it in bordeaux, and plan on using it to travel - but have used it as a day bag when I need to carry a lot!

    This pale rose looks really nice!
  7. congratssss!!!!! :love: :nuts:
  8. I think it's a bit big. If the handles were more proportionate, it might work for me, but it looks like a giant bag with little bitty handles. But if you love it, I say keep it! It may look awesome in person!
  9. It is a bit big for everyday use but a great bag for traveling.
  10. I love the colour but everything bigger than the city it's just not really my taste but it probably depends who is wearing it.
  11. Ohhhh I love it! Let me know if you decide that it's not for you! :smile:
  12. I like it, great color too! :biggrin:
  13. i love the color! i think it would be perfect for work/travel.. a girl on another forum i'm on got one and actually uses it as a purse everyday.. i think it depends on what you need to carry/ your frame and you could definetely use it comfortably :smile: great purchase!
  14. Lovely color! But it does look too big.
  15. i will post pics soon.=p