One more Ergo ... which one?

  1. I decided that the bamboo pebbled leather hobo is not for me. There is a brand new coach store opening in Vegas tomorrow and I intend to bring this bag back. I am debating between the Pond Patent Tote and the Black Pebbled Leather Tote. I know you guys think I'm nuts but I LOVE THIS BAG! I bought the Black Signature and paid full price and since then found the brown signature and camel leather at the outlets. Honestly I haven't even carried the two I bought at the outlet yet. I think the brown I will carry tomorrow and the camel is more of a spring color for me.

    Either way at some point I know I will want the pebbled leather black one but should I try to get some color in my life with the pond patent ... help
  2. I'd go for the pond or another patent...variety is the spice of life!:yes:
  3. personally, i'd get the pond. there will always be black leather & you can get the pebbled tote at another time. the pond seems like it will really make you happy, and the color is just so beautiful!!
  4. I would go for the pond! That color is beautiful!
  5. ooh which new coach store? is it the one in venetian?? let me know how it is. I'll be back in vegas this weekend. oh and you should get that pond. i saw it in the catalog and it looks cute with the tattersall scarf and the wallet. i'll take a pic of it just in case if you didn't see it. it's really cute.
    DSCF0997.JPG DSCF1000.JPG
  6. Pond Patent! Get it while you can, if you decide you want a black one know it'll pretty much always be available. Pond is a limited time offer, haha.
  7. Let me know how the coach store is in venetian. was it crowded? SA's nice? and what have decided on?
  8. I got an email and everything that they were opening today but I called and its not until tomorrow.

  9. O.K. so I'm gonna be the one who has to go and mix it up a bit. I definetely say patent but I'm gonna choose white!!:drool: For some goofy reason the pond patent reminds me of a little old ladys hair:shame: but the white is ooooo la la:drool:. Mine will be here any day now!!:yahoo:
  10. between pond and black, definitely pond! It sounds like you're wanting it and from what I've read, its very limited. The black tote isn't going anywhere...
  11. POND!!!! that color looks like it is TDF!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!
  12. I keep going back and forth. Black is classic but if you are looking for color go for the pond.:tup: