One more eBay problem...

  1. Hey guys!! Feel free to redirect me if there's another thread with this topic open.

    So, I bought a pair of Diesel eyeglasses on Feb. 12th. I paid right away (through PayPal)since I chose the Buy It Now option. I contacted the seller on Valentine's Day through eBay, to ask for a tracking number and a shipping date. It's the 17th now and I have received no response at all! I've just messaged him again today, but I'm afraid I might've been ripped off.

    What should I do? How long should I wait? Thanks to all in advance.
  2. Wait the time necessary to file with Paypal and file a claim for non receipt.
  3. I think you have to wait 2 weeks. Then you can proceed with the dispute. Look at his feedback. If no previous problems,chances are something might have happened. Also go back to the checkout page. Sometimes there is a phone # there. I wouldn't worry quite yet. Gettin' close though!
  4. You don't have to wait 2 weeks. You can file a dispute with Paypal as soon as you want. If the seller won't respond to your emails, maybe he/she will respond to a dispute email from paypal. File a dispute and give him 24 hours to respond. If you hear nothing, escalate it to a claim. He will have to provide tracking to you and paypal to hold onto the money. ;)
  5. Thanks, guys. I was letting it slip because the seller's got 100% feedback so I honestly thought something might've happened. I emailed him twice and so far I've only received one response. And it's ONE LINE LONG! I quote:

    "it was sent day after you paid, thanks"

    I clearly asked for a tracking number because it's been well over 10 days. I suppose that's enough time for something being shipped from Canada to the US to arrive? Can any Canadian tPFers confirm?

    These glasses weren't even for me. Now I'm really pissed off and want to file a dispute if I don't receive a sensible answer by the end of this week. Can you please tell me how I should file this dispute thing? I've never had the need to do so before (thank goodness).

    Am I being unreasonable or am I overreacting?
  6. You are being perfectly reasonable. I would send him another message and say you would like the tracking number within 24 hours or a refund. Failing that you will start a dispute to recover your money. AAAgh, some sellers are so annoying...I am going to bed...
  7. You can get his contact info from eBay and try and call him. But I would definately file the complaint with paypal. You can always close it if the seller come through
  8. I would go to paypal and file a claim. You go to your paypal account and under "my account" there will be a link to the resolution center, that is where you need to be. You may be able to file from under the payment you sent him as well. Once it is opened give him 24hrs to respond with the dc # and if he doesn't escalate it to a claim.

    I don't know how long shipping should take from Canada, it also depends on the type of shipping service he used.

    Good luck
  9. I've had several packages shipped from Canada and depending on what method it was shipped depends on how fast you will receive it. One of my packages took almost 2 months to get - it was just ridiculous. I definately wouldn't worry if it's only been 10 days, but he should be able to give you some form of tracking.
  10. Yep! I understand how this can be frustrating, 1 week is more than enough time for your seller to reply, I know I would be worried if I dont get replies after Ive sent payment! The sooner you open dispute, the quicker the situation can get resolved.Good Luck!
  11. Was the bag shipped from Canada with Xpresspost? That is the only way you can get tracking from Canada to the US. Xpresspost is very expensive (around 25-30$) but it's guaranteed to arrive in 5 days regardless of how busy customs is.

    If it was sent by regular, untrackable mail, it can take anywhere from 7-21 days to arrive.
  12. Pretty sure it has to be 7 days before you can file with paypal? Or is that just sellers who have to wait 7 days for payment? Not sure about buyers. I SHOULD know, but luckily have not had problems. The way it's going with Evil Bay and these crafty scammers, soon enough I bet!!!:nuts:
  13. I had an experience last year that might clarify this. I won a Tokidoki bag on eBay and became worried about authenticity which was more nervewracking because it had been two weeks, no sign of the bag, and my seller wasn't replying to my emails.

    Someone suggested I file an Item Not Received Paypal dispute, and when I went to do so it presented me with a message similar to "The item you are disputing is being shipped from an international location. Please make sure to allow additional time for the item to arrive before opening a dispute." It still gave me the option to open a dispute but I chose not to. Turns out, it really was just slow shipping from the US to Canada, and all was well.

    So even if you do open a dispute, Paypal might not be so sympathetic since it's an international transaction and the item could still be in customs somewhere.