one more dylan med tote Q ... price

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  1. just one more med tote Q ... ;)

    can i ask what a good price would be on one? or the best price you've seen?

  2. The cheapest I have seen new is about $225. There are some used ones on Bonanzle. There is a gorgeous zucca one with matching wallet!
  3. The best I've gotten personally was $265 during the Amazon sale which was 40% off. Many sites have been having between 20% and 30 % off sales here lately.

  4. thanks for the info! again, SUPER appreciate it!
  5. woohoo! just scored a dylan med tote zucca for $165.33 on amazon ... looks like the cobalt is $190.25! one left in zucca ... 4 left in cobalt ....
  6. Wow, fantastic deal! That's a fab price the cobalts too!!!

  7. Bummed I missed on this great deal!
  8. Fantastic deal! I thought my concorde dylan for $217 was a good deal. Well, it was, but your deal is better. :ghi5: