One more day!!! So excited!!

  1. Tommorow is Personal shopping day @ Holts, and I have this bag on hold :biggrin: (except in the white Guccisima Leather) Just had to share :smile: This is my first Gucci :smile:$product$&crop=56,0,1032,2000
  2. Looks gorgeous! Pre Congratulations!
  3. thats nice, congrats!
  4. I was going to get that bag. I decided on mine since I don't have any bag in that shape.You have a gorgeous collection!
  5. Congrats! Soon you will find out one Gucci is never enough! ;)
  6. congrats with your first gucci!! nice bag, I love the guccissima leather :p a lot!
    post pics once you have it (if you can)! always love to see pics;) !